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Autocross scoring

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I've put some thought into scoring autocross events for a national ranking. Some of the same problems as those noted for road race events apply. I've stolen from various clubs and here is my proposal for comment.
1. Each event will have a score of 0-100 points.

2. The points are determined using the following index: Points = best time in class / competitor's time X 100. Points will be rounded to 3 decimal places.

3. If running in a handicapped class, the score shall be computed using corrected times.

4. Time Only runs are not scored.

5. End of season awards will be based on the following standards:

a. Throwouts:
Number of events----------Number of events
participated in--------------to be dropped

b. After events are dropped, an average of the points earned will be calculated.

6. The average number shall be communicated to the Chief Steward by January 15th of the following year. Copies of all results that are not available on the web shall be kept until after the presentation of the yearly awards for possible auditing.

How does that sound as a starting point?


Gene, 96 DGGM

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maybe throw in that there must be credible witnesses to the events. Some people might claim to have zutocrossed and won every event, but never left the house.
That's what Rule 6 is for. But I can see possible problems there. Maybe require results certified by the club's secretary?


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