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Autocross Springs

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My current setup:

Hotchkiss springs, bilstein shocks, spohn adjustable swaybar endlinks, BMR front and rear swaybars, BMR fixed extended length control arms upper and lower, spring perch relocated on axle adding like half an inch of ride height to the rear.

The car feels fairly planted street driving and what not, but when I took it to the course I was being thrown left and right with the roll. So it seems like the suggested advice is to go with a non-progressive spring which would be the global west 750#s.

But I've seen many mentions that if people could re-do it they would go with 800#+. I guess my question is where would I buy springs like that.

Then there's the question of ride height, what is the ideal ride height for these cars front and rear. Right now my current ride height is 27" inch rear and around 26" front. If I get the new springs for the front should I be aiming for 27"?

As for the rears, is keeping the progressive Hotchkiss rear springs ok?

Orrr do I just wait and save up for an adjustable setup.
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My current setup for Autocross:
MOOG 7268 front springs #748
Speedway motors TrueCoil rear #200
Stock front and rear anti-sway bars. Stock front and rear suspension.
QA-1 adjustable shocks.

Waiting to be installed:
Globalwest two way adjustable rear trailing arms. upper and lower.
Globalwest front upper a-arms
Herb Adams from anti-sway bar. The stock bar seems to work rather well.

Biggest bang for the buck: Tires. The widest and stickiest tires you can afford. I run a set of 305/660/18 Pirelli Slicks on some 18x9.5 Corvette Wagon Wheels. I am looking to upgrade to some 315 tires on all four corners.
Next is driver mod.
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200 TW tires, get the Falken RT660 in 275/40/17 for a stock sized rim.
NOTE: do not use this tire in cold weather and do not let the tire get below freezing unless you remove them from your car.

I have some Hankook RS4 tires on my GTO that cracked due to freezing temperatures.
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+1 on adding a harness. I have a 6pt harness that attaches to the stock mounts. Two attach to the front seat to floor bolts. One on each side of the seat attaches to the seat belt attachments. And then the rear I have running to rear seat belt mounting points. I also have a H-Style rear straps to prevent them from splitting apart.

Now for an alignment:
1/16" toe in
1.5 degrees negative camber
+4 degrees or more caster. The more the better. I am hoping to have at least 6~7 degrees with the new front upper a-arms.

Please share the model number for that Corbeau Seat. I am very interested in doing that mod as the stock seats really do not keep my large ass planted.
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On my 1995 Impala SS:
I have 275/40/17 tires mounted to the stock Impala SS rims.

Front Moog 7268 : Height measured perpendicular to the floor across the center of the rim to the bottom of the trim -> 26"
Rear Speedway Motors TrueCoil (200 lbs) :Height measured perpendicular to the floor across the center of the rim to the bottom of the trim -> 26 1/4"

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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

I run Corvette C5 wagon wheels with Pirelli slicks 305/660/18 front and rear.
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