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Autocross Springs

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My current setup:

Hotchkiss springs, bilstein shocks, spohn adjustable swaybar endlinks, BMR front and rear swaybars, BMR fixed extended length control arms upper and lower, spring perch relocated on axle adding like half an inch of ride height to the rear.

The car feels fairly planted street driving and what not, but when I took it to the course I was being thrown left and right with the roll. So it seems like the suggested advice is to go with a non-progressive spring which would be the global west 750#s.

But I've seen many mentions that if people could re-do it they would go with 800#+. I guess my question is where would I buy springs like that.

Then there's the question of ride height, what is the ideal ride height for these cars front and rear. Right now my current ride height is 27" inch rear and around 26" front. If I get the new springs for the front should I be aiming for 27"?

As for the rears, is keeping the progressive Hotchkiss rear springs ok?

Orrr do I just wait and save up for an adjustable setup.
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Didn't some of the P71s have pretty stiff springs?
P71 front spring coils rate @ 700 lb per in.
P71 rear spring coils rate @ 160lbs/in.
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That's the 5 dams brake cooling mod! Ain't seen it in over a decade ...
Every Caprice I've owned used the following specs on the schidtiest NY / NJ / CT / PA roads.
Minimum +4.0 degrees of Caster, preferably +5.0
-0.5 to -1.0 degree of Camber
1/8" Toe IN

Believe these are Dave Scribner's specs. Don't think Ed Runnion would mind these …
Caster Left & Right at least +4.00°
Cross Caster …… N/A° +/- 0.50°
How much positive caster is 'too much'?

Camber ……………… -0.25 +/- 0.25°
Cross Camber …… N/A° +/- 0.25°
The more aggressive your cornering, the more negative camber.

Individual Toe …… 0.00° +/- 0.00°
Total Toe ………… 0.00° +/- 0.06°
For street driving, Toe IN. If AutoCrossing, maybe a hair or two of Toe OUT?
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