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I got a 94 Caprice LS and want to set it up to be able to roadrace/autocross it. Right now I'm planning on adding hellwig front and rear sway bars, poly body mounts, lowering springs, and tubular lower rear trailing arms. What other mods would be good to get the most of the handeling capabilities like weight loss, brake upgrades, etc.

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there are a lot of setups available. You need to decide which you like better. Do searches on the forum for:

swaybar setup
gw lower control arms
bmr contron arms
sway bar

The best from what I can tell for LCA's in the rear:

#1 Global West
#2 Hotchkis
#3 BMR

The best setup for sway bars:

FRONT: 2nd gen f-body 1.25"
REAR: HO/HA rear bar

Do the body bushing the forum!

Do the front LCA mod and the front ball joint upgrade TSB Safety Recall; or aftermarket

Research for the springs and the shocks...

Don't know what to say, except use the search part for the forum..very helpful. I, right now, have the factory setup with all the safety recalls:

Rear LCA
Front BAll joint
AT Shift linkage
Accelerator Pedal
Just bought a pair of GW Rear LCA's and a HO rear sway bar. Looking for a Front 2nd gen f-body sway bar and attachment hardware.

Anybody wanna sell me theirs?


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Where can I get the HA or HO rear sway bar? Is there a website for VSE or another website I can go to to order these parts? How much is it going to put me back?

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Do NOT buy from VSE... hideous service.

Do a search for "malibu" and you'll find the contact into for Malibu performance in California... rear bar was $179 last I checked.

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last time i checked, VSE was sold twice, then went out of business. So, VSE obviously didn't know what they were doing to make a profit.

Call Malibu Performance directly. Get their number from their maybe. They can get the HO bars (front and bacdk) for the same price as it ewould have cost you form HA, and they are the same bar!!

I am in cahoots whether to go Hotchkis or HO/HA front bar with my HO.HA rear on my 9C1 springs. This same question and its answer might be of interest to you since you too want to autocross, yet be able to drive on the roads safetly too.

Your 9C1 might allready have al the body mounts. I havent chcked the bottom of mine extensively yet, but will soon00however, it feels like I have them all. I don't know whether I should replace with energy suspension or else to get new body mounts on both the upper and lower portion of each body position. That is a lot of mounts to replace.

happy hunting and searching. do like i did....spent\d a good month and a hal researdchnig this very suspension thing.


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I have the HO front & rear swaybars from Malibu, stiff Bilstein shocks, Hotchkis rear LCA, body bushing mod and stock springs & front suspension.

Excellent sit up! Night and day over stock. It is actually so good it is dangerous. I really push the envelop on the curves.

Autocrosser recommended that I go w/ the Hotchkis springs to finish off my setup.
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