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The system on my Fleetwood operated great til recently, but lately has taken to getting all pumped up to full pressure and not releasing pressure back to normal ht. I disconnected the hose to reset and that worked at first. And, I did not notice that the UCA adjustment rod had moved at all.

Another reason I do not think the adjustment arm is out of kilter is when it pumped up after reset from 0, it was only for a couple seconds and stopped right where it was supposed to with just a couple lbs. of positive pressure. Within two days I notice it's back to "Dukes of Hazzard" jacked up rear. Plus, in the past I recall frequently the system would piss out the air when I first get in, and then repump itself to nrh (normal riding height). Now, it's just constipated.

Can anyone make sense of this problem with all these pesky symptoms?
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