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automoter water temp!!!

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as i read all water gauges go bad in the impala and the sensor on the front by the water pump is for the pcm. i have a auto-meter gauge ready to install but need to know if i tap into the wire on the RH side of the block will my gauge read??
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Here is the water temperature sender pic:

Here is a picture when I first installed the gauges:

I decided to move them outward more so I could better see them while driving (In a 2nd bezel I had)

I hope this helps.
what diameter are those? looks like the 2 1/16 i see so common would be a tight fit and you may have to find 1.5?
Yes the gauges are 2-1/16" DIA. They were a close fit, but I got them to fit right where I wanted with the second bezel (spacing outward as much as possible for better visibility).
ty for the answer. other than shaving out the extra 1/16 with the tool you mentioned, did you have to do any other modifications to the bezel or the plastic that the bezel attaches too...from memory i think there was a hole or 2 that looked 'close'

and i guess while i do this i may as well put another gauge on the other side right lol...just gotta think of one.
To answer your question, no only the opening of the hole from 2" to 2-1/16" with the tool I listed, was the only additional thing. I had a friend hold the bezel while I went around the ID of the hole to open it up ever so slightly. That plastic cuts easily with that tool; like a hot knife thru butter.

If I were to add a 3rd gauge, I'd prob. go with a transmission temerature gauge.
i went out and measured...that is VERY tight ..i measured as follows

from the rear : measuring on the flat part of the bottom of the curve to the top of the plastic piece that threads thru dash the hole is barely 2 1/16...and from the front it appears you started at least 1/4 down from the curved part

you had to have removed that nub didnt you?..if not i wanna hire you as mandrake the magician
i measured from the bottom dash frame to the bottom of the clear glass and thats only 1 and 3/4 how did you get this to fit?

seems like you need to totally remove one of the spring clips or the mounting pin then would have enough room..which is the better choice?
if anyone has detailed assistance regarding how to get the autometer connector off the sender id appreciate it. i bought a heat sleeve but i cannot get the darn thing off and im scared to force it. even with flashlight i cant figure out what needs pried
i hope im in the right area for this question my 96 roadmaster gauge isn't working right cause when i turn the car on the needle moves to the hot the goes back to the cold but doesnt move when driving or letting it sit what could be the cause of this and what can i do to fix it
i'll insert my mandatory sky is falling post: i wouldnt ever drive again without a functioning gauge or having my autoxray hooked up to monitor temps. i fried an engine when the head gasket blew and kept driving because i didnt know it was overheating
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