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Can I use some from another gm caprice, roadmaster, or maybe truck? What aftermarket company cares them a fleetwood?
If you want to maintain ABS function, you must use the specific axle shaft for 93-96 Fleetwood, due to the 4-channel ABS system. These shafts have the reluctor ring pressed onto the inner side of the flange. Available new only from GM, but you might find a few in wrecking yards--same part used on both sides.

(GM Parts Direct info--reference only)
GM PART # 26028502
GM LIST: $268.55
OUR PRICE: $153.07

To my knowledge, the aftermarket does not support the FW version of the axle, but you can use a Roadmaster or Caprice axle shaft--for "narrow" housing--if you don't care about maintaining ABS. There are no truck axles that are the correct size that I'm aware of.

Options: find a complete axle assembly, so you can take the axle shafts from it to use in your project. May not sound like a sensible thing, but you'll probably be able to buy the whole thing for what you would pay for a pair of shafts. The only risk in this is what the actual condition of the used axle shafts would be.

Here's an example--listing is from LKQ:

Rear Axle
Cadillac Fleetwood
mileage 85,000
stock # e1565 $HP055

LKQ - 250 Auto USA-OH(Harrisville) 1-800-334-9811

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I admit up front that axles/rear ends are not my strong suit. My solution is and has always been take it out and put in another one, springs n' all. That's about to change but, anyway, my point is I am pretty certain there are places that can repair worn bearing areas(and even cracks and outright breaks). A friend of mine had one repaired in his 40 something Olds a couple years ago. Severe wear at the outer bearing and getting a new one just wasn't even sorta an option.

Now of course cost wasn't really a consideration in that case. It simply had to be done for a 90 point+ restoration. But these cars are beginning to get near that age where easy replacement is a thing of the past, too, so it might be worth pursuing.
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