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b-body club in san antionio area

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any clubs near san antionio area and who to contact?;)
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San Antonio Impala Lovers

Great bunch of folks.

Not sure who the best POC would be though.
any clubs near san antionio area and who to contact?;)
I'm here in San Antonio! I'm apart of SAIL as well but I just joined due to me just moving into the area. If I were you I would go to yahoo and find SAIL on there and send a request in so you can join. On another note if you know of Biffs which is a burger joint where every so often the guys will meet up together out there on FRIDAYS which is cruise night, you can get a chance to actually meet a few of the guys depending who may come out that night. It's pretty obvious when the B-Bodies are out there b/c there the LOUDEST MONSTERS out there cwm4
Welcome to tha Tone!!!! Holla at me if you need 2 yeah SAIL is a bunch of good guys and gals that love B-Bodys My car been in the shop since Jan so I have not been 2 any meetings but go to Biff Buzbys on fridays and you will run into at least one SAIL member

can ya'll give me the cross streets to biffs? im in san antonio about once a month and would like to have something to do while out here. im out here now and have met a few imp owners but they arent associated. i told them about issf and sail, so they should be hitting ya'll up.
I35 North and Topperwine, Biffs Is right behind the Whataburger, Im a SAIL member as well. My car is 99 percent done so Ill be out there soon also. Im west of you out here in Del Rio on the border. Glad to see another one in the area!:)
yea its looking like im gonna be out here really often and cant stand my ole ladys car so im trying to talk her into getting me an imp for when im here. shes ballin so... but im gonna join the yahoo group so i can keep updated on whats going on around here. ive already heard good things bout biffs, food wise.
Damn good food!:D
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