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Alright guys, p0372 (high res A too few pulses), p1153 (O2 sensor insufficient switching bank 2), p0151 (low voltage) and p0300 (multi misfires). Car was running fine before and soon after a huge leak in the power steering pump happened or somewhere along the lines. But I also had gunk all over engine so no idea what was what.

Went balls deep took engine out just to fix all leaks and check wiring harness; anyways, I suspected the problem to be the crank position sensor after I found the pigtail full of oil or power steering fluid and the CPS was also completely full of whatever was on the pigtail. I did some research on the forums and many say the P0372 is a faulty optical sensor within the opti. So I have the opti here in front of me opened it up and it is completely dry with a bit of dirt marks or carbon IDK what it is... Sorry learning still. Anyways I also read the optical sensor goes out mainly because something gets through the seal but as mentioned the inside is dry, will post picture. Last time cap was changed was 2011 will replace cap and rotor.

Question is: Could the drenched CPS be the culprit of all of this? Huge Hesitation, Misfires, Low voltage to o2's, no starts? or rather starts then dies?

Can't look at the inside yet don't have a torx set, will buy tomorrow.


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