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Hi Everyone,

I made it back to Louisiana with the great wagon from 'stockfornow.' I swear this thing isn't much slower than my old SS. Great car.

The trip back was smooth, but the car took some rock or something to its rear panel window (passenger side). I think an 18 wheeler kicked it into the side and it shattered like it had been hit with a crowbar. The tint seems to be holding it in place for now, but I am UNHAPPY about that one :mad:. Something tells me these windows are a) not common and b) not cheap. Hopefully it's not going to turn into a fight with the insurance folk.

I've also noticed that the fabulous look of a wagon with SS springs doesn't seem to be well suited for driving on these north Louisiana roads. I know I'm going to regret what happens to the lowered stance, but I've got to get the car up off the ground a bit for use around here. Kind of breaks my heart to do it.

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