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hey guys. heres the deal. i have wanted to get bags since i've bought my car and i think now might be the time. It's a 96 SS just for reference.
I have limited knowledge about bags so that is why i am posting. I want to keep the price around 2K for everything installed if at all possible so i dont have to sell my rims.
i saw a website for slambags and i liked their stats when i looked at em. i heard that they're a little better than firestones and they sounded good to me but i cant find their website anymore. what do you guys think about these bags? does anyone have their website?
I currently have all stock suspension. i want to get drop spindles but i want to know if its okay to get bags and then the spindles later on?
I want FBSS and i want the bags to be quick but hopping is not important at all to me. i think 3/8" lines would be best for me from what i've read.
I want to be able to drop the car LOW. that is the most important thing, and i want a nice smooth ride. I would also like to be able to raise it to stock height if possible.
Could someone please post all the components that i need to have a proper air bag setup please.
Also, if someone could post me a good kit that i could put together that would fit my needs, i would appreciate it very much.
For installation, i may end up taking it to a shop but it doesnt seem that hard to me. Could someone please post how to install bags on the SS, and if someone could post pics of an install, that would be great.
If anyone knows a shop in the san francisco bay area or somewhere in california that i could go that has done B-bodies before that would give me a good deal, please let me know also.
Thanks in advance for your help guys. Hope i get to learn a lot from this post and get to make my decision.

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Ok i'm too lazy to name out all the stuff you need. But on the install, you are goign to have to cut out your spring pocket so the bag doesn't rub on the metal. If it does it will pop.

Go with slam bags. They are way better than firestones.

and i don't think you'll lay all the way w/o drop spindles.

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ok, so wagonb0y and I are sitting around... bored off our butts, 3am in houston, im not getting laid (speaking about the wagon) right now, so what the hell...

we were gonna say something smart ass like...
Look back 10 days through the forum and you will see at least 3 exact same posts..
Or to do a search function...
or find any magazine, and look at the packages offered, and make a good decision based on that...

but alas, I cant seem to find a smart ass bone in my body, so here goes.

lay frame... yes you need spindles... you need to hack up the frame in the rear. IT WILL COST YOU... count on 4k-4,5k total job with parts. pray for less.

Bags.. Slam Specialties.. you can go shockwaves, and 3impallas will chime in here next (its like a damn parade) they are good, expensive, and dont have the most lift.

Get a good compressor or 2... if you dont care to hop, get a small nitrogen tank as backup. or if you want to hop once in a while.

Run good line... dot approved or steel braided..

Get good valves. Parker, Herion, Hapco. all good ones.

3/8 inch is good, i prefer to go more than you want, and tone it down using reducers.. that way you run 1/2 but only get a 3/8 and you can take the reducers out and still show off. I also prefer big valves IN and small valves OUT. so if you see a last minute bump, you can be up in an instant, but you can fine tune you down.

relocate shock mounts, and you can ride just as before.

You ahve to lose your sway bars if you want Side to Side action and there goes your ride.

DO NOT INSTALL ON YOUR OWN RIDE if you have to ask for photos of how to. it is not so simple, and as wagon boy said, you have to cut out a good amount od control arm, and proper bracing is needed unless you want to break ff and slam into a wall.

OH CRAP... hahah. i just saw the 2k price tag your tryin to stay under. Parts alone (good parts that you will actually want to drive on) will cost that.

bags.. 380+
valves FBSS 8*50 roughly 400
compressor. 400
line. 100
guages 100
switch box.. 50-100 (dont get the crap clear one)
cups for install 100
4 link - min 100 bux
oh... FITTINGS... 100-200 bux
(plus air tank, mounting hardware, nitrogen bottle, nitrogen bottle hardware, tank mounts, blah blah blah) it adds up

We are now pushin 1700-2000 and these prices are all cheap.

If you wait a week or so, i almost have the kit put together of my personal thoughts on QUALITY PARTS, and will have a kit for it. Also... find a shop, find a quote. Its beginning of winter, so prices will be cheaper now thanin spring. but they are still gonna at least charge a grand, and thats IF they like you...

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ps, if we being Wagonb0y, 3impallas and I make a solid post about air suspension, can we make it a sticky...

another thing to all you wanna be bag guys (including me). you may not want to do FBSS.. but you will want to run the exact same setup minus the extra switches.. this is so that the air dosent transfer from side to side on turns and feel like its gonna dump you over. even with sway bars.

guys with sway bars... you CANNOT do FBSS with sway bars. it defeats the whole purpose.

if it is a daily driver, you dont want 1/2-1" UP AND DOWN.. it will be impossible to adjust it.

You will ahve to HACK some things up.. it will cost you, even if you do it yourself. even if you hunt and get everything at wholesale, it is NOT CHEAP.

it is one of the most impressive features to do to a car.
It can improve ride quality and/or drive quality. meaning you can add air, for a firmer ride, or lose it all for the 'riding on a cloud' feel..

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The Shockwaves are a good choice if you want to keep all of your turning radius and are willing to give up some lift. They are budget busters though @ 42.5% of your funds allocation for such a project.

I think we as a group have about 18 threads that are worthy of being stickies regarding air suspension. Almost feels like "copy 'n paste" each time someone posts asking about bags.

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I can get you a complete f b s s kit with everything you need for under a grand. E-mail me if your interested.

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i hate to be one to ask questions or comment on someones savings that they offer, but if you can get it all for under a grand, and its good quality, post it and the prices.

I would love, to know what kind of system can be run for under a grand.

And dont post something that is 'with out air compressor, or no nitrogen tank, or hookups, and it has to be dot approved air hose'

unless it is second hand stuff.

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Originally posted by Crispix396:
i mean think about it... bags and CHEAP valves are almost 800 bux.
my bags were 145 each :( but i got the ES series from slam specialties. 240psi =)

yea you will get raped on valve prices.

dont' forget the fittings, i paid like 300$ for fittings :mad:

[edit] i'd actully go with GC valves. they are actully made for airsuspension unlike parker and smcs. the GC valves are rated at 450PSI, and i think they have an 800psi valve now. Everyone that uses them likes them a lot.

[edit2] here's some pics of a guy running dual 1" GC vales. the 450's. I think he's running about 400psi nitrogen. I seen this truck at some shows, its ****ing amazing.


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And dont post something that is 'with out air compressor, or no nitrogen tank, or hookups, and it has to be dot approved air hose'
I said complete kit, It comes with a compressor. Hardly any kits come with nitrogen tanks, i dont know what your talking bout there.

The kit consist of 4 bags, 2500 or 2600, 8 1/2 inch electric valves, 10 switch box, 5 gallon tan, all fittings, enough 1/2 inch line to run your car, and a thomas compressor.

All brand new, and all for about $975.

You can upgrade to a bigger, %100 duty 3/4 compressor for about another $150.

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i guesss we all got a little confused since i posted how much EVERYTHING was gonna cost... INCLUDING bag mounts, 4 link, GOOD COMPRESSOR, Fitttings, and the bags that have the higher lift.

Andnot using the '10 way clear switchbox' which mabey your not using either.
does it come with guages.

the half inch hose, it that ID or OD? waht valves come with it, what are they rated to, are they 1/2 inch ID or OD.

I am not trying to start crap, but he asked for prices and suggestions. I posted everything he will need. Go to home of cheap stuff, and even their cheap kit is $995 with no line, or saying what the line size is. and thats with 4 crappy 2 way valves. Granted, this kit works for some people all day long, but slumpin imp asked for opinions.

Since it was open to everyone and not just me, wagon boy, and 3impallas, somoene else post how much your system cost, parts labor, and what it run you out the door.

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CRISPIX396, you must not be real familiar with air ride. First off, NO ONE measures valves and line by outside diamater.

Also, kits dont come with "4 links"{which arnt even used on our cars, there extended control arms}, and they are not needed to bag a car.

The valves ars SMC, ive been using SMC valves for years.

He said he wanted to bag his car, not lay it out.

The bags have more than enough lift, and the compressor is fine, gets the job done with no problems.

The guage is included.

And what is wrong wih a switch box? But since you seem like you dont like the "10 way clear switch box" ,you can get a switch plate if you want to do that, or just switches and mount them somewhere. And the box isnt clear unless you want it like that.

The only thing the kit dosnt include is mount, which I can fab pretty easily.

SSlumpin Imp said he wanted to keep the cost down so he could keep his rims, so I was tryin to hook him up. Sorry to offend you.

It sound to me like your goin by something you read in a magazine. I have had 4 bagged B bodies, that I bagged myself. I have probably baged 20 other cars and trucks, so please, get you facts straight before you go talkin smack. I was just tryin to help him out.

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Our cars do indeed have a 4-link, although it's not the traditional parallel style that people think of when they hear "4-link". They instead have a triangulated setup works just fine for bags, although if you try to run BIG exhaust you can run into space problems.

Airline is measured by the OD of the tube. Valve sizes are measured by the diameter of the valve. NPT fittings are measured by the ID. All of which are easy to get confused.

The cheaper valves that are sold will be spool valves which will eventually wear and require rebuilding. They aren't the optimal choice for air suspensions. A poppet style valve such as those sold by Ride Tech is a better choice.

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My air line is an inch thick outside diameter, and half inch inside diameter. Dose that mean i have 1 inch lines? No, it dosent. Air line is measured by inside diameter, thats what allows the air flows through. If you had 2 lines with inside diameter of half inch, 1 that had a 1 inch OD, and the other with 2 inch OD, they both will alow the same about of air to flow, because the inside diameter is the same.

I am aware that our cars are already 4 linked, i was telling cripix that a 4 link wasnt needed to bag the car. If you want to lay, extended control arms are needed.

And Crispix said valves were measured by the outside diameter, they are measured by the size, like you said, but the size is the inside diameter.

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Thanks so far for the help guys but i want to make sure that this doesnt turn into a war. sorry to repeat posts also but i just had a lot of questions on my mind and i decided to just write them out.

now from what i understand, what you need to run an air bag setup is 4 bags, valves (how many?)8? air lines (1/2" or 3/8"), a compressor, an air tank, guages, fittings (i dont know what these are) and a switch box. am i right or is there more?
do i need to get 4-links or not? and what are "cups for install" crispix?
Dont i only need to run nitrogen if i want to hop or show off? i'm sure some quick bags will be enough for me.
i dont know what "lift" is. is it max height? what about stroke?
I appreciate the help guys and i'm sure i'm gonna come back with some more questions until i'm sure about everything. thanks again

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Originally posted by SSlumpin Imp:
Thanks so far for the help guys but i want to make sure that this doesnt turn into a war. sorry to repeat posts also but i just had a lot of questions on my mind and i decided to just write them out.

now from what i understand, what you need to run an air bag setup is 4 bags, valves (how many?)8? air lines (1/2" or 3/8"), a compressor, an air tank, guages, fittings (i dont know what these are) and a switch box. am i right or is there more?
do i need to get 4-links or not? and what are "cups for install" crispix?
Dont i only need to run nitrogen if i want to hop or show off? i'm sure some quick bags will be enough for me.
i dont know what "lift" is. is it max height? what about stroke?
I appreciate the help guys and i'm sure i'm gonna come back with some more questions until i'm sure about everything. thanks again
You will want to run 8 valves. 2 valves per bag. 1 valve to fill the bag, and 1 valve to dump the air.

You don't need to buy a 4 link. Our cars have a stock 4 link. You just replace your coils with the bags. And the cups he's talking about are bag mounts. You need to bolt something onto the bag so you can lock it in place.

You need nitrogen if you want to play with your bags without having to wait for a compressor. a regular compressor will be good enough for the average guy.

Lift is just a general term. LIke i can say "i get a lot of lift out of my bags" Stoke is like how much hight you can lift your car. I think with slam bags its a 10" stroke.

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well not to keep a 'war' going.. hehe.. but...

i never said valves are measured in OD, nor did i say anything was measured any way specifically. I just asked what the ones in your kit were gonna be.

Some of the tone in this post was the fact that every 3 days someone posts questions about bags. and every time, 3imps, wagonb0y or i post back. like 3imps said, there are about 18 posts that we 3 have answered these same questions on. So, mabey i was being a little cocky, but when we post all the time, and then out of no where the post is going inthe direction of "these guys are full of crap' with an 'email me for info'...i am also looking out for HIS best intrest. I have posted before and had someone try and sell me crap afterwards 'off the board' so, i called you out. nothing serious. just if you have the goods for so cheap, post what they were. and you did. congratulations.

He did post that he wanted to keep the price cheap. but the fact reamins, even your $1000 kit is still lacking a 100+$ peice, and to get to a 'good compressor' you need to add in another 150. and thats for the cheap kit.

I wasnt trying to imply that KITS came with the other stuff that i listed, but trying to remind people that someone sees a KIT for x amount, and dosent realize that it does not have EVERYTHING they need, and end up spending more. Sorry if it came out directed at you, but if you buy from anyone, make sure you are getting everything that you want/need for it.

I dont like the aim 10 way switch box. it is crap, most everyone i know who has one says its crap, i will never sell one of those to someone unless they beg me to.

i am personally, as is 3imps, someone who believes in . . . Do it right the first time. spend a little extra money, get the GOOD, RIGHT parts. oh wagonb0y believes this too.

and honestly speaking... my wagon is not bagged. why you would even try and call me out on a 'post pix of the wagon' is a little off. Its in my sig, if it was bagged, it would be in there. I am sure everyone can read. However, I did own a Custom shop here in houston called Neck Head Customs. The last show that we sent trucks to in corpus all won first place in their division. I have heard the CRAP that other shops talk, I have dealt with SHADY dealers who say 'halfinch valves' because the hole in the valve is a half inch, but thats NOT ID size. if the valve is half inch, that means you can put 1/2inch OD tube in it, which means your tubing is all 3/8 or less ID.

YES, people measure the line and valves in od, thats where problems come from, and how people can get away with lying.

Also, i made a mistake when saying 4 link. I was wrong, i was thinking bagging trucks and thinking about leaf springs.

One last thing to SSlumpinImp, he is offering you a good deal, if everything on the list is what it is supposed to be, but keep in mind. THis is not cheap, there will be added expenses. There will be things come up that you didnt exxpect to come up. Plan on it. Find a reputable shop in your area. (post your area, and mabey we can all find someone for you to call) they have experience, and might be able to tell you first hand "SMC Valves Kick ass, or mabey they suck" but they will have bagged several things and know the quality. If you are going for 'my wagon is bagged, and i did it as cheap as possible' then there are cheap ways to do it. but if you want a quality system that you wont have to wait 20 min for the compressor to fill the air tank, just so you can lift the car up, then do your research.

and for the masses, do a search, a month ago, we all posted hints and tips to everything. Where to get line, what kind of line, where to get valves at from a real hydraulic/pnumatic dealer, the comparison of Firestone bags to Slam Specialties bags, etc etc. I am not saying to do a search and see what comes up, but there is a specific post about a month ago.

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I paid $1800.00 for my "airbag kit" and it consisted of:
4 contitech bags
all the bag cups(which were poorly made)
4 ½" gc valves
2 5 gallon tanks
2 viair compressors
½" airline
1 gauge
2 switches
I paid more than the parts were worth i think. I will definately build the next system on my own and not a so called "kit". I have not had a problem with the body roll you guys talk about with only having 4 valves but my car is now a 2-link rear so i dont know if that has anything to do with that but my car rides and handles great though i dont road race it that could be different lol
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