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Bagged 1993 Caprice Wagon

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Custom Caprice Clasic Wagon, All blacked out and paint matched, custom Lime Green?Bubble Gum Blue Pin-Striping, Black 20inch wheels with low pros.. Car has been Bagged and rides better then a Caddilac, all work done right and uses simple setup (can go into details with phone call) for less problems, and has been solid sense first installed. Has 5.7 350 that was rebuilt at 140,000 miles and car has 170,000 miles. Exterior has been repainted with impala hood and grille swap, tailgate has been completely shaved and roll pan with license plate added for clean smooth rear. Brand new Black 20inch wheels and tires just balanced on car. Interior is stock and has no stereo, AC works cold but blower motor will need to be replaced soon and can be fixed easily with part from Auto store.

Price= $4500 obo
Call/Text: Nate 512.627.9026
Craigslist ad:

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good luck bro thats a sweet looking ride!!! if you dont mind me asking why you selling it?? & do you have pics of the inside.
yes pics of the inside and that is one bad looking wagon.
Its stock blue interior, everything intact, nothing special, no mods, just needs a good cleaning... no pics right now sorry
That would look good in my garage!!!!
That would look good in my garage!!!!
LOL SO BUY IT, price dropped to $4800!
Why are you selling it so quick after you just got it? Nice ride.
I dont have room for another project. Plus i needa get finances in line for new place. Always time to build another ride
BUMP.. price edited for fast sale, check first post!
holy smokes that's freakin cheap!
BUMP, price as low as i can go: $4000..... i need it gone, just bought a new daily and needa hook it up with some wheels already! lol
Have you sold your wagon yet?
DAmn! That's cheap
Have you sold your wagon yet?

Update, yeah havent been on here recently. But finally sold it
1 - 14 of 14 Posts