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Bagged 91 Caprice

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Hey everyone, new guy here figured I'd finally make a post and show some pics of my caprice I've been workin on. These cars are new to me as this is my first one and I've always had mini trucks before but I decided to try something different as I've always thought bagged caprices and impalas look good. I bought the car already bagged for $1,500 off some one on craigslist, brought it to a friend of mine so we could lay it out on some 20's but then seeing rabbit's build, I seen how big of wheels these cars could take so I had to step up my game. Well enough talking and on to the pics.

Front Lift

All Aired Up

We still have a lot of work to do to the car, mainly sheet metal work on the in side and shave a few things on the outside as well. This is a budget build for me so it has taken about 3 months to get it where it is now but thanks to a lot of help from my good friend Ian who knows how to do just about anything crazy to a vehicle it should be done by slamfest in October.
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Looks like this is gonna be nice..
:eek::eek: what size rims are thay
26's? :confused:
that is sick..i want a skirted caprice now
I likes that right there.
Son of a [email protected]#ch!!! are you on 4s? so now there will be two caprice's bagged on 4s at slamfest? Good time to step up and get ready for some friendly competiton at the show.:p
DAMN thats looks nice with the skirts in the back.
You got any inside pics of the rear end?
thats a nice ride, i love the skirted caprices with bags... looks sick

id get those tail lights tinted though, not a fan of the clears
Thanks for the comments, Yeah they are 24's. I got them real cheap from a friend but these tires are killing me price wise. I still need to get two more tires, I just put them all on one side to snap some pics.

Rockstar, I'll up load some pics of inside; we did a two link setup to keep the stop back seats, and to get enough lift to untuck the rear wheel mainly so I could change the tire if I got a flat and it not be a pain in the ass.
the 2 link pushed the rear wheels back into the rear of the wheel well huh? it looks good, I have never been a fan of the sedans notched and laying in the rear, they have a tendency to sit up hill, but the wagons look fine laying all the way, weird deal, but good work buddy
Ok I only had a cuople pics of what the inside looks like. We still need to put in a panhard bar and finish mounting the shocks. Then it will be just a whole lot of sheet metal work after that.

Picture of where we had to cut into the door jam and how close the tire is to the quarter window.

More updates soon.
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Dam you went crazy with a sawzall, you going to make it to Slamfest still? Do you have spindles on the front?
I'm hoping to make it to slamfest, I'm ordering the other two tires tomorrow and I still have to get a new windshield, and some other misc. things. I'm not sure if the car has drop spindles, they were the ones on the car when I purchased it. The front laid out just by trimming the fenders and notching for the tierods, didn't really have to do anything else. I also raised the gas tank in the rear so the frame would hit before the tank and I could drag the car.
Cool deal. Im taking mine pretty much as it sits, im going to adjust some things to get the tires off the door jambs and trim more of the fenders up front. i know i wont have time to sheet metal the inside with the show being so close. im just taking my time to do it right.
I hear ya on doing things right. One thing you could do for the front which I don't know if you already have done is trim your bag cups, When I got the car, it was about an inch from laying out up front, I trimmed the bag cups about 2 inches and the car layed out on the 24's. We also had to notch for the tierods aswell.

What hotel you staying at during Slamfest?
Im not staying at a hotel because i live too close, some of the other club members are staying at country inn and suites in Brandon. I havent done the tie rod notch and i havent cut above the lower a-arms near the bushings. hopefully ill have time to knock that out before the show. Seems the tedious stuff takes more time than the actual job itself. I just wonder if your car has spindles thats makes a big difference.
Yeah we are staying at the Hilton just because thats where we stay every year. I'm still unsure about the spindles, if someone knew how to tell the difference between the two like the casting marks I could let you know but I am unsure, these cars are still new to me.
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