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Bagged 91 Caprice

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Hey everyone, new guy here figured I'd finally make a post and show some pics of my caprice I've been workin on. These cars are new to me as this is my first one and I've always had mini trucks before but I decided to try something different as I've always thought bagged caprices and impalas look good. I bought the car already bagged for $1,500 off some one on craigslist, brought it to a friend of mine so we could lay it out on some 20's but then seeing rabbit's build, I seen how big of wheels these cars could take so I had to step up my game. Well enough talking and on to the pics.

Front Lift

All Aired Up

We still have a lot of work to do to the car, mainly sheet metal work on the in side and shave a few things on the outside as well. This is a budget build for me so it has taken about 3 months to get it where it is now but thanks to a lot of help from my good friend Ian who knows how to do just about anything crazy to a vehicle it should be done by slamfest in October.
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Any updates on this beast? I was wondering if you had some pics of raising the engine and tranny, I think I may need to get crackin on that too for mine.
he is laying frame as far as I know, the rear is a two link with the bags on the bars
I won't lie, that car always scared me from the get go... Id rather see it in a scrap pile than haggard on the road, potentially killing someone.
If those skirt areas werent rusted, I could have reeeeeally used them! Haha, anyways. around here we have done the same thing multiple times. A buddy of mine trades and barters with custom vehicles and parts. Plenty of times they are totally hacked and not worth the time to fix. So he strips them, sells the parts, and scraps the rest. Some projects are just not worth it.
i always loved the way it layed out on the 24's and that video of it draggin real slow was soo bad ass....but 92classic always scared me too....

92classic.... what part of the skirts do you need??? behind them???

i can prolly get some next time i go to the junkyard...i replaced a rust spot on mine that i got outta junkyard...

The right side, I need the lower behind section
The left side, I need the same part, as well as the dogleg by the door.
1 - 5 of 75 Posts
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