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Bagged 91 Caprice

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Hey everyone, new guy here figured I'd finally make a post and show some pics of my caprice I've been workin on. These cars are new to me as this is my first one and I've always had mini trucks before but I decided to try something different as I've always thought bagged caprices and impalas look good. I bought the car already bagged for $1,500 off some one on craigslist, brought it to a friend of mine so we could lay it out on some 20's but then seeing rabbit's build, I seen how big of wheels these cars could take so I had to step up my game. Well enough talking and on to the pics.

Front Lift

All Aired Up

We still have a lot of work to do to the car, mainly sheet metal work on the in side and shave a few things on the outside as well. This is a budget build for me so it has taken about 3 months to get it where it is now but thanks to a lot of help from my good friend Ian who knows how to do just about anything crazy to a vehicle it should be done by slamfest in October.
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Wow thats badass and man thats is ALOT of lift......
Yep I'll be at LNO, Hoping to have the entire car in primer by then. I can drive it that far and I also have access to a trailer now if needed. Rockstar do you plan on going to LNO?
Yep ill be going.
that thing is freakin rad. if i could find a down and out wagon id hack it up and do something like this.
Yea I was at slamfest just wasn't able to bring the car. Just got it driving but still need to get a plate and clean some stuff up. Rockstar I looked for you by your car but don't think I seen you. Your car looks good, I took some pictures of it. I rolled in with all the Explicit trucks. I took a some pics of the car today and some video, I'm going to start on the body work this week and hopefully have everything ready for paint. Heres the pics and video and a clip shot cruising during slamfest.

this Cappy looking mean. are you going to keep it this color?'.are you going to slap on some smoothy bumpers and change up the side view mirrors?
I don't know what color I'm going to paint it just yet, probably some sort of two tone with something to break it up. I am going to atleast get a smoothie rear bumber and as soon as I come across a good deal on some Impala mirrors I'll shave off the old ones. I'm trying to find some 95-96 rear quarter windows so I can swap those out to and I already have an SS spoiler to but I am going to do a test fit to see if I like it first.

Rockstar: The trailer fenders were just some ones purchased at my local steel supplier, they were 12"x33".
F'n Sweet!!
Any updates on this beast? I was wondering if you had some pics of raising the engine and tranny, I think I may need to get crackin on that too for mine.
Are you laying frame? What kind of bags are u using, I cant get mine that high
he is laying frame as far as I know, the rear is a two link with the bags on the bars
i think this might be my next project.:D
just saw a bagged 96 caprice yesterday laying frame on 4's at the strip and then pushed that b!tch up high like jc sonoma caprice lol it was dope.
that thing is effin sick wid it JC!!!! minitrucker here also, thinkin bout selling my mini and getting a Cap now! what size tire are you runnin? might have missed it somewhere in there if ya posted that...
jc ended up selling this caprice. i haven't seen or heard bout it since
awwww i see that sucks, would like to know whatever happened to it. there was some sick ass work done to it
He had 275/25
i think i heard somebody say its here in tennessee, but i haven't seen it yet....
New here, I am the newest owner of this car.

Let me be clear in stating I am not posting here to start an argument or a fight so please read what I am posting open minded and just read it as facts.

I purchased some stuff of a guy off craigslist. When I met him he said he had a caprice that would lay frame on 24's. I decided to give the car a look.

I initially wanted the car to finish it. When I got really into looking at the car, my mind quickly changed.

This is how it was when I got it 3 days ago.

I have no idea how many people have had their hands on this car. I don't know who did the work, or who redid the work.

The rear 2 link suspension was scary. The was many good intentions, but poor follow through. There was nothing holding the axle to the arms other then the u bolts. A good bump or hard launch and the axle would have been free. The metal was welded at the bend, but not braced at all and the shocks were welded at the bed further weakening the weld. The way the suspension was designed there was no way to lay the car side to side without flexing the entire frame of the car. The rear bags upper mount was welded through the floor of the car. Now it was tied into the frame, but why would you want it bolted to the floor of your car.

The front suspension looked good, and built pretty nicely.

The air hoses were routed insanely, the silenoids and valves just laying on the trunk floor. The engine was changed over to a carb. Rather then using the in-tank pump with a regulator and keeping things nice and tidy, there was a inline fuel pump bolted to the floor above the rear axle, in the way of the axle. The new pump was plumbed in with air line rather then fuel line, and all of it was just flopping around on the frame not mounted to anything. I have never seen so many ZIP ties in my life.

The guy I got it from said the under hood wiring was just left laying on the tires and in the way of the suspension. He did his best to fix this, but I found a lot of wiring missing and there wasn't enough to hook any of the engine back up.

Like I said, I don't know who did what or why along the way and through the multiple owner, but it was a disaster. I decided to cut my losses and scrap the car.

The inline fuel pump

One of the rear bag mounts in the floor, this had to make a horride racket going down the road.

The new wooden suspension, LOL. Had to hold it up long enough to get it on the trailer

Look closely on the other side you can see the 2x4 wedge in there holding the car up.
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Reasons for scrapping the car

1 - poorly engineered
2 - engine smoked
3 - electrical nightmare, no fuses on anything, some fuses replaced with pieces of scrap metal
4 - not a salvageable body panel on the car (rust/dents/hacked)
5 - parts worth more then the car
6 - most of the interior was missing or broken to bits
7 - door handles shaved but no poppers, you had to open the drivers door and get in to open the other doors
8 - not enough air supply for the car, could lay it out and raise it twice, then had to wait an hour to do it again

Some of the work was done nicely on the car, most it wasn't.

I will say, my kids loved bouncing around it in for the brief time they could.
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