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I did some searching but came up a bit confused on the threads regarding this. I'm doing a mild performance LT1 OH shooting for about 370 FWHP using the stock crank and rods and aftermarket pistons for 11.2:1 (aluminum heads), *balanced* at the shop.

This engine will see Auto-X use but otherwise a daily driver. I can't imagine seeing the far side of 6K RPM very often if at all.

* Is the stock balancer the best route for < 6K?
* Is the stock flywheel usable if balanced?


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Yes, the stock balancer/damper is good to 6000+ RPM.
I use the stocker on my 10 sec cap which revs to 7000 in all 3 gears.
I wouldn't take the stock balaner much over 7000 which
the motor can't do with the stock PCM anyway.
The car also has a stock flexplate/flywheel.
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