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I am fairly well aquainted with one of the owners of BeaveRun Motorsports COmplex near Pittsburgh Pa.

They still do most of their training using 94-96 9C1's Four things can of our conversations:

1) They like the B-bodies over the Panthers b/c the torque allows for the execution of many more emergency maneuvers than a CV, or any of the cars with too much computer interference(read OVERATED HEMI).

2) They need parts to keep their b-bodies going...this is a good source for those of you selling parts cars,

3) They currently use dealer trannys when one of theirs blows. Shane (CPT) Pro-Built and others who build trannies FOR ABUSE should get in touch with them to work someting out.

4) They have test and tune as well as weekend dates avaialable, With the right #'s, we can have some fun on a 1.55 road course. See, and tell them Greg sent you.

This is a great opportunity to perpetuate the legend of the Try-9's. Please post, pm or otherwise to help me start something here.

BTW, as a father of 7, I'm always accepting token gifts of graft for good leads that result in a positive outcome for a vendor

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I'm in so long the date is right. As for a father of many children, I have 4 and I homeschool so I feel your "growing pains". Road racing is where I get the frustrations out... my poor SS, it gets driven hard. Road racing rules! I'll be driving 7 hours for this but it will be well worth it, especially if we can get like a 1 or 2 day track use option!
Man, I wish I was back in Pa again. I'm from Johnstown and I hear they are supposed to open up Ebensburg Airport as a dragway to make $$$. They had one event a a month or so ago and 100's of cars showed up to race.
I bet if enough ppl got together to make a road course, they would do it. We have our local SCCA guys here in Ky do it on the airfield on Ft. Knox.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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