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Hey. ...not so good at fixing cars (I'm more of a geek-- better at fixing computer programs). Trying to press a bushing out of a control arm (front-left, lower), I bent the ears around the holes for the bushing.

a) Can I bend it back and still be able to align the car?
b) Am I pushing it out in the correct direction?
c) Is that sleeve (outside of the rubber- it looks a little yellow on the outside-- see picture) supposed to come out also?
d) Does the other bushing (in the same control arm) push out from the outside to the inside also?
e) I found a part (gmpartsdirect) which is a control arm assembly (I think it has bushings in it already)- #10232819. Does anyone know if this Caprice part number is the same as for my 94 Impala SS?


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This is a common issue for our stock arms. The best way to handle it is to cut a piece of steel to put between the "ears" of the arm when you remove and install new bushings.
I would also recommend a torch to heat things up first.

I think you should be able to re-bend your arm... but I would recommend welding in a support (as mentioned above for assisting removal/installation).
This is one of the issues I addressed when designing the tubular arms that I sell.

The bushings only come out in one direction because they have a lip on one side. They will press out from the inside to the outside... and go back in from the outside. It looks like you were going the wrong way.

Yes, the metal sleeve comes out. Your new bushings will have their own shell.

Yes, the civi caprice and the Impala SS use the same part number for the control arm. The only variation is for the 1995-1/2 and newer 9C1 cars which had the larger 5/8 lower ball joint (k6141).
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