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Hi , just some questions for you , if you look at my profile you will see that I am in the UK and any performance parts for RMW's are non-existant.

I expect this is an old chestnut of a question but there are only 3 RMW's and about 10 Impala SS's
in the whole country and they are virtually stock.

I want a mean , low , menacing stance 'gangsta stylee' I believe it's called and better handling(we have lots of corners here!!).

Exactly what fittings were used and what model ie Impala /RMW /Caprice ?

Did you replace the bushings with poly or keep stock , if so what make and model ?

How far has the ride height been lowered ?

And most importantly what sort of improvement have you found other than cosmetic ?

Would air-ride be an affordable alternative?

Sorry to be so inquisitive but I really do need to know my stuff before I commit to buy , the UK is a long way from you guys.

Pointers to websites and friendly sellers would also be VERY much appreciated.

Many thanks D:)

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I used to live in Norwich for 4 years so I know what you mean. Parking has to be a major chore with a RMW I would imagine. Anyhow, I would probably not lower it too much. Some of the country roads can be rough if I remember correctly. I would think a Hotchkis setup would probably work out well for you. Becoming friends with an American military member could probably save you a fortune in shipping and duty charges. An airbag system would be great but they aren't cheap and there goes that shipping and duty charges issue again.
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