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Well, even though the USPS has not yet delivered my SScene yet, I have acquired a copy of the new magazine (thanks Harvey).

And let me say, it's simply stunning. 40 pages of COLOR pics, tons of action shots from Mountain Madness, and some great first person narrative articles. Chris Nickell, in his final issues of doing the magazine by himself, put out one hell of a going-away present to ISSCA members. Thanks again Chris for all your hard work over the years.

Highlights include:

- Auto-cross coverage including great action shots and some funny commentary of Jose's Dragon Wagon.

- A link and a write-up of the new and improved ISSCA website or

- Drag Racing coverage and pics from Island Dragway and a classic funny pic of Nab and Karl's Chicken Bucket. The coverage includes all 3 categories (brackets, natural heads up, and power adder head ups) and as I mentioned tons of pics!

- Centerfold is one of the nicest Impala's I have ever had the pleasure to see. A 94 SS owned by Alex Jacoby from CT-Tri9. It was the first car in ISSCA history to score a perfect 200 points in the car show judging.

- Article from Larry Hall (ISSCA Head Car Show Judge) about the MM car show with lots of pics and all the category winners listed.

- ICCC (ISSCA Chartered Club Challenge) writeup with pics and participant info

- BOI writeup with pic of the doofus who won Best of ISSCA 2005.

- Great writeup about the road race at Pocono Raceway with more great pictures including a couple of infield slides OOPS! Group shot of all ISSCA participants and action shots galore!

- A very moving and poignant article by Terry Rodgers about the history of GOFASST, NAISSO and the original SIX PACK and the passing of Ted "Razzor" Densmore. I never met Ted but the article brought a tear to my eye.

- Great "on the road" article from Terry "Lead Sled" Kehne, who let nothing stand in his way of making MM. Terry gives a blow by blow account of his trek to get to MM, and then his experiences in the drag racing, auto-cross, and road racing. Good stuff!

All in all, a fantastic work of art by Chris Nickell. If you are just joining ISSCA now, trust me when I say you should pick up this as a back issue.

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