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How long the SC lasts is conditional upon how it's manufactured AND maintained more so than what you put in or on the engine. For instance, the Paxton SCs have an independant lube system. You don't change the oil and it seizes up :eek: !!

That much said, I would do the following if I went with a SC on a 350ci LT1:

58mm Throttle Body;
190cc AFR (or bigger) Heads with combustion chambers matched to the pistons/gasket to produce 9.5:1 CR;
1.6" Roller Rockers;
Headers (SLP);
Cat Back Exhaust;
Comp Cams #305 or a rough equivalent;
Extreme Duty timing chain;
On-the-dyno PCM Programming.

But that's just me


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KW,Or more specifically ATF fluid...yep my Paxton takes ATF fluid.I change it every 3,000 miles .I would like to say like the oil,but I do the oil on a calender basis.Not too many miles between changes.I agree mostly with your choices .I don`t know what a CC 305 is though.Mine is a special grind 224/236 and .544 I think .I can`t find my card right now. I did the CM top end and built the bottom end here.396 @9.5:1 CR. Some thought that was too high ,but I did a lot of talking to Seth and Sam,a lot of others,my engine builder and went that ratio.

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Originally posted by Roktman:
KW,Or more specifically ATF fluid...
Yep...and I may be wrong but I think that Furd ATF is what's recommended by Paxton.

Like AndyB said...the CC 305 seemed to be designed as a blower cam. Actually Rokt, since you're blown and stroked (sounds nasty :D ) I think you can even go with a bigger cam than you have....but that's just me

As for the 9.5:1 CR... I can remember one of Seth's first posts on the Forum. He was discussing a 9.5:1 CR on a built, aluminum headed LT1 that he was prepping for a SC.

BTW, Seth first hit this board as just another member. He showed some smarts and gained MUCH respect. Then, all of a sudden, there was Combination Motorsports!!!

See, he was smart enough to sell himself and when he launched his business he already had a good name and a following :cool: :cool: .


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KW,I think you are right on the Furd brand.I saw it @ my buddies shop and remarked about it.I thought I was going to a more agressive cam.I need to find my card ,as maybe I did and are misquoting the specs.Seth was a big help in selecting what I was going to build,especially after the first motor blew in 4 minutes.I had to build 2 motors instead of the original one.The first one took 24 days and the second,the stroker with the extra work,machining etc.33 days.CM was a big part of getting the second one done so fast with having to re-do parts I had just bought less than a month earlier.That is why I tout CM so heavily on both forums.Hey we get to see them next year in Las Vegas!.Seth is also very grateful to all the forum members for our support.He has told me that on several occasions. It`s good to have guys like that. Plus Dan @ Clearimage,Dal,Mike @ No Limits,Troy @ the Superstore ,Tom Frederico and many others I have not mentioned. :D
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