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Whats The Best Timing Chain And Oil Pump For 383 Stroker Parts Numbers To Please!!! Thanks!
Use the STOCK OIL Pump.
SBC abd BBC do not need High Volume Oil Pumps.
Stock pressure and volume is all you need.

What is more important is installing a 6 Quart Oil Pan.
Run 5 quarts for drag racing
You pick up a tenth of a second or better.
6 Quarts to run Autocross and Roadracing.

IF you are going to have a full race engine.
You need to restrict the oil to the Cam Bearings so more is directed to the Crank.

Save money the Stock Pump is just fine.


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Best timing chain and oil pump is difficult to say because yes stock is very good for stock set ups and for rebuilds and mild and even some wild set ups but for peace-of-mind you would want a stronger timing set maybe?... like a double roller or a big single roller..

Don't restrict oil to the cam bearings because they need all the oil they can get and also oil goes first the the cam then the mains....and you wouldn't want to restrict the lifter galleries because this is a hydraulic lifter motor.

Oil pumps???? A stock replacement is usually a good idea but make sure it's stock B-body with the 3/4" inlet and pickup tube (GM sometimes labels that as "Z28). Aftermarket? my favorite is the Melling 10552 with 3/4" pickup and 10% taller gears and it's higher pressure.
Just remember if you order a kit or "stock" replacement that sometimes they give you a 5/8" inlet oil pump.

Keep in mind (to help you decide for your application) that taller geared (HV) oil pumps are fine and they make more low rpm pressure and oil flow but then at higher rpm they are on the relief and making heat. So many times the extra pumping power is wasted. Also, no matter what, you need to have good crank windage control and the stock factory windage tray works very good. Some of the best motors have been ruined due to not having a good windage control.

Hope this helps. I know you may have wanted exact part numbers but I figure you might also want to just have info to help you make an informed decision. I've have even used big block chevy oil pumps in some motors and they work fine too....but so do regular old stock SBC oil pumps.
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