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Big block impala ss 1996

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Greetings to all!
I bought this new in 96, it was love at first sight. I did the good dad thing and gave it to my son, Bob at 24.
In those 4 short yrs we have driven her on no rain days at will. .650x300⁰ roller billet cam, home built aluminum heads, forged and nitrided crank, scat ⁷/¹⁶ full floaters rods, wiseco 9.5 comp pistons, 4 bolt arp block. Victor jr
Intake, blp carb, turbo 475 trans and built rear Moser axles.
Still never done, always a tweak to be done. My name is Jaymes Norris and I'm here to learn and help.
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Hey, saw your sweet car on the FB groups, love the vid where it revs up to like 7 grand like nothing.

Would definitely open a complete car build thread and walk us through the history of how you got it, what you did to it, what you're working on and future plans for it.
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My son bob and my pretty day m/t slick
Car weight 3860. All power accessories work except ac and you don't need heat!!! Lol.
Thank you very much. I have so
Many pictures and videos to share but I find myself struggling with this forums format. I would love to help everyone but I find myself struggling
With it.
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