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Big ISSCA sponsored drag race at Etown 10-25-03

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ISSCA is sponsoring the race winner's wall plaque for this final ECIRS race of the 2003 FASTCHIP Cup season.

Saturday, 9am, 10-25-03 during the "morning" session at Englishtown, (Raceway Park), NJ.

The FASTCHIP Cup 2003 season Champion will be crowned at the end of this race.

This will be with the GMHTP mag EFI racing series. (a chance to get your car mentioned in the mag).

9am gate opens.

Double points for ECIRS members.

All 94-96 Impala SS cars and Other cool B-D-bodies, (91-96 with EFI motors), are welcome to participate.

It's a bracket race for cars with no ET electronic aids, (AKA NO-box). No transbrakes, or other downtrack or stating line aids such as slew rate igniton boxes or progress timers.

Karl Ellwein
PS: This is an EFI shootout event. (EFI and muffled street GM cars only. See GMHTP mag for their rules).
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This is a close up of the FASTCHIP Cup, (cropped and reduced color for a smaller file size)
Who's name shall be engraved?

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