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I feel like a really big loser cuz i sent an application to IndipalaSS...
I know...go ahead laugh! u know u want to...And if u havent notices..i live in Maryland...I dunno what was goin on in my head when i did that..woowee
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Based on the e-mails that have been going back & forth on the matter of you and IndipalaSS, it seems there is a good bit of confusion.

While we've asked Karl Ellwein as the closest ISSCA Director to you to get in touch with you, he's working odd hours at the moment, so I ask you to give me a call, or contact me directly by e-mail and let me know where and when to call, as we'd like to understand what needs to be done, if you are not getting something you should be, or how things seem to have gotten confused here.

My number is 714 504-4171
Hello Jesse,
I live in Maryland and am in the local club, WAIL. (Washington Area Impala Lovers). You are invited to join WAIL if you would prefer. We have no dues. The club is very informal. Most simply join the WAIL email list to keep up-to-date with what may be going on with the club. Then click on membership. You'll see who to email to be added to the WAIL list.
Take care,
Karl Ellwein, WAIL, ISSCA
Thanks a lot. I just emailed my membership thingy in last nite. So, yea...And sorry for anything bad that i may have easily confused...I feel kind of like one of those annoying little spoiled brat kids..ugh sorry. But yea thanx guys a whole lot :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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