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You've wanted them for a while.
Now you can have them.
REAL BILLET PEDALS. Not Cast or stamped tin.

For 2 weeks, until Monday March 14th I'll break
the no GP rule.

Standard Impala Pedal Sets &
Pedal Sets for the BBHP Kit.

On the shelf and ready to ship.
Generic MBA Pedal Pics here

I will not post the price. You must email me
for the price, you WILL NOT FIND IT LOWER.
[email protected]

Get the Best for the price of the stamped out tin can covers so prevalent today.

Paul Roswell
MBA Products

Supporting the Impala Community since 1998 and the Impala SS Forum since it's inception.

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only a couple of days left.

For those that have bought them, Thank You.

For those that haven't, time is running out.

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I always wanted a set of these. Thanks!

Next time I order from you it's going to be door pulls, but I've got some go fast mods I need to work on.
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