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Tools you need:
-16mm wrench; 13mm & 10mm socket, 2 more sockets of sizes I don't remember :confused:
-Gator Grip
-Jack & Jack stand

Jack the car up and take off the tires and put the jack on the car frame. Now with the tire off and the CAR ON THE JACK STAND SECURE, place the jack on the lower control arm and push it up enough so you have room. Now put the gator grip on the shocks rod and place the 16mm wrench on the nut. Now hold that nut in place while with the gador grip you turn clockwise to loosen and take off the nut. Once this is done take off the lower bolt from the shock. and the shock should come out. Install the new shock in the reverse manner, and do the other side.

This one is the toughie, but no worries. Take off tires and jack car up and place it securely on the stand. Once that’s done put the jack on the shock and if needed lower and raise it to get more clearance. NOW, here’s the trick, it worked fine with me. The shock is secured on the top with 2 bolts and behind the panel it is secured to there is 2 nuts. Now with a 1/4 ratchet and 13mm socket place it on one of the nuts and make sure its locked on righty tighty. You can leave it there cause it will secure itself when u loosen the bolt on the other side. Now with a few extensions use the 10mm socket to open the bolts on the other side. Do the same for the other bolt. Now when the bolts are out put the jack on the shock, raise it and remove the bottom bolt. Take off the shock and install it the reverse of taking it off. Do the same for the other side, and WALA your done.
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