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I recall reading something about an Impala specific Bilstein shock other then the 1104/0929 or 1516/1517 combinations. I can't remember where I saw it, but it mentioned that Bilstein was R&D'ing a set of shocks with custom valving specific to the Impala.

Anyone no anything on this?

1996 Impala SS
3.73 gears, S-10 TC, SLP exaust, TB bypass, air foil, sewer pipe intake w/ 1LE elbow, HPP3 w/o tuning, GMPP 1.6 RR's with Crane springs, Herb Adams front and rear, Hotchkis uppers and lowers, Eibach springs, ES body mounts, larger 5/8" ball joints, ES front control arm bushings, Russel braided brake lines, combi brake mod, PF brake pads

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I read a post on the NAISSO tech board that mentioned something about the top washer on the 1516 shock was too big (?) resulting in noise from the front end. Has anyone else had this problem?

Will I run into the same problem with the 1104 shock?

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