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I've had the rear Bilstein shocks installed on my wagon last week; at the same time, front brakes and shocks were looked at closely (incl. brake bleed - don't ask me whey they did that before the disk/pad replacement they knew they had to do), and winter tires were replaced with 235/60/15 summer tires on stock alloys.
(It's going back tomorrow for new brake disks/pads and the front Bilstein installation.)

What would cause the following?
-Every now and then (perhaps over bumps, but really more in sharp turns/curves, particularly right turns), I get a loud knock from the right rear.
-The steering is squirrely, i.e. quite often with slight unevenness in the road, or even just a pronounced crown, or when I make some slight correction, it will pull first to one side, then to the other, and it feels as though I have a lot of play between sterring column and wheels.
(I've had these grabby 235/60s (Yokohama AVS) for 2 years now, and they didn't cause this before, nor did the change from the balloony summer tires to them feel like this before.)
At a standstill, at least the left wheel turns tightly with the steering.
The last time i changed from winter to summer tires myself, I had to sand the hub a little because it rust between the steel wheels' teeth, while the alloy wheel encloses to whole hub and thus won't go on all the way until it's sanded. I forgot to point this out to the shop, but I would assume that with their @#$% impact wrenches, they'd have gotten past that - correct?

Obviously, I will point these 2 problems out for the shop to deal with tomorrow, but is there anything known that would cause these?
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