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Well-maintained 96, true SS, 205,000 miles, runs strong and smooth - she's a healthy Impala. No rattles. No problem to drive it cross-country tomorrow.

$5,000 obo

Videos in my previous posts and youtube channel include Goldmaster using this vehicle to demonstrate proper procedures on servicing the engine: optispark, front seals, etc, and doing air pump delete. New brake pads installed to NOT rattle, new rear calipers and new(er) front calipers, oil filter adapter leak fixed, rear differential fluid and gasket changed, fresh oil change, fresh tire rotation.

Mostly stock except:
- Flowmasters
- Air pump delete (engine light on as a result, but vehicle runs great)
- Home plate delete

- Left rear window could use the little plastic slide retainer replaced or reseated. It will roll up and down but falls cockeyed, need to work it a couple times. Or just leave it rolled up.
- Fuel pump needs to be cycled under certain circumstances before starting (turn key to “on” but don’t start, off, and back on). Starts immediately cold and if it’s just shut off for a moment - but if it’s run until warm then shut off for more than 1/2 hour, you need to crank for a couple extra seconds (or cycle the fuel pump).
- Previous owner put aftermarket performance rear control arms on that have like 1/8” clearance side-to-side on the bar they mount to - so there’s a minor “twist” when feathering on/off the gas when already at speed.
- The usual intake leak is easily mitigated by tightening down those 3-4 bolts every once in a while.
- Minor dings and dents.

I’m listing everything so there are no surprises - it’s a great running and looking car, likes cruising at 80, you can’t take it to 7-11 without someone saying “Nice Impala” and “How much for it?” I’d rather sell to someone on the forum who knows these vehicles. Only selling because I need an SUV.

Can come with or without the amp and subwoofers in enclosure. $200 less without amp and subs, then you’ll have a trunk to use.

Here she is, driving around:



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In the video, an orange dash light was illuminated... Nice video.

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