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Has anyone done the conversion to a black interior? Are there any pics? I would be especially interested in finding out if there is a black headliner and I guess Bonnie seats are also out there in black.

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the headliner can easily be done with about $30 worth of material, I did mine from the 9C1 blue to the Impala Gray.
one note though, don't do it in the sun or on a really hot day, the best time would be late evening ( if you live in a hot climate).

Bonney seats do come in black leather ( hepled a buddy put a set in his).

and the rest is easy, I did mine from the 9C1 blue to the impala gray, get SEM vinyl and plastic paint and take every part out of the car, including the dash ( having done this 6 times ( not all on my car)I can tell you it's not hard).
prep everything right, clean it with SEM vinyl prep ( it's pretty much alcohol), no need to sand anytying down, and spray away, do a few coats and let it dry "over night", don't attepmt to install anything back in the car, even if it looks to be dry in a few hours, the paint won't cure on it and it'll peel off.

the steering column and the wheel can be painted too, just mask around it.

make sure you spray this from a gun, don't buy anything in spray can, have a autobody supply store "mix" the paint for you and get a low pressure-high volume HVLP gun and rent an air compressor and do the work.

now the part that won't make you too happy:

the visors "can not" be redon, once you pull them apart, they stay that way, they're done with a special machine and since Impala never came with a black interior, you won't be able to get new ones.

I don't think Caprice came in black interior either, but you can try,

but not to worry, you can dye that too, the visors and the seatbelts can be done with liquid RIT dye, add some salt to the dye, that way it'll last a long time.

and the Carpet you can get from Tom that has the GP going on it right now.

that's it, you're done, Enjoy your black interior
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