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I have a BLACK painted windshield washer fluid tank. for a 1994 1995 1996 car. Its in decent shape. I scuffed it really good and used a plastic paint. The tank under the paint was in really good shape I probably should of left it alone! The paint finish is decent for a rattle can job, If you are looking for perfection you may want to top coat it . I sanded the paint and polished it to give it more a satian black instead of a gloss.

Some areas where the tank was knocked around in the corners are light with paint, Overall its not perfect so if you buy it please don't complain about it. No guarantee on the finish (lol) No pumps, no level sensor is included. BARE tank only. I do I have a wiper cap in OK condition ill throw in with the deal. Tank is a 1 pump tank.

$25 buys it + shipping


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