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Gray floor shifter assembly out of a '99 Chevy Blazer with all the parts you need to swap into your car. In extremely good shape, no stains or tears. Color matches the Impala/Caprice/Roadmaster gray color. Comes with everything:
  • Console assembly; no cracks or damage
  • storage bin under armrest
  • shifter assembly; face is clean as shown in pictures
  • shifter base plate
  • shift cable
  • cable mounting bracket on transmission
  • shifter bracket (weld your B-body bracket to this and you're set)
  • all cable retainer clips (qty 2)
  • Leather shift boot with retainer clip
  • all bolts & screws
  • cupholder rubber insert
  • front junkbin rubber insert
  • coinholder (fits under armrest)
  • factory wiring harness pigtails from Blazer
  • Woodgrain front insert shown available for $20 additional
Please note that any brown blotches are camera artifacts, not actual dirt. They are only present in a few pictures. There are zero stains on the console. FWIW, there is no Armorall in any of these pictures.

Brown splotches are camera artifacts, not actually there.

Brown splotches are camera artifacts, not actually there.

Woodgrain insert included for $20 additional.

$220 shipped via paypal to [email protected]. Woodgrain insert available for $20 additional.

No "dibs" - first paypal, first sold. If someone has already paid ahead of you, I will simply refund your money including all paypal fees. I already have shipping boxes for this so I can put it in the mail within a day or two after payment is received. I also have tan and black consoles available separately; PM me if you're interested.

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Might be interested gotta see how funds are bro, you know how it is, Peace
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