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Last week I installed the front and rear HO sway bars with BMR rear control arms. I have heard and read so many horror stories about replacing the rear bushings that I already had made up my mind not to replace them. After I installed everything except the rear bushings I loaded the rear suspention to tighten the control arm bolts. That is when I realized that there was more than a 1/4in gap at the upper control arm where the rear end bushing go. Still terrified from the stories of replacing the bushings I started tightening the bolts. After tightening one side I looked at it again, it just did not look right bracket was bend and it did non look like it had the right contact. I made the dessition to replace them. I put the new bushing next to the original and sure thing the replacement bushing was about 1/4in longer than original plus it fitted perfectly in the BMR upper control arm. It took me about five minutes to take both upper bushing off with my air hummer. I first I hummer the back part of the bushing to reduce it's overall diameter, than I air hummer the front lip of the bushing diagonaly to get them out that was the easy part. Getting them in was the tricky part everybody take notes!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what you need to finish the job.
1)OTC ball joint press
2)Sand paper
3)Air wizart
4)Cut off wheels
5)Some grease
6)Plastic hummer
7)impact gun 1/2
8)9in extention
9)21m swivel 1/2
First thing grab the replacement bushings and with the sandpaper sand down about a 1/4in from the back part of the metal sleeve of the bushing so it will easly fit in the hole than with a plastic hummer drive it in the holes until the back part of the bushing is flush with the back part of the hole (this does not take alot of force if you have sanded the sleeve correctly it will take minimum force. Than grab the OTC ball joint press and with the air wizart cut about 1/2in from the front pivoting part. Grab the medium cup adapter with both oval adapters install the tool with the 21m nut pointing diagonally back. This is the part that you will probably need a helping hand when you install the ball joint press and the adapters over the bushing. Get the press straight than with your 1/2in impact, 21m socket and the proper lenght extention you drive the bushings in one at a time. It took me about another 10 minutes to install the bushing after I got the OTC ball joint press ready. Factors to remember I was doing this on a lift so if you are planning to do this on the floor it will take you longer. From all the articles I have read this is probably the only way that you would install the bushings without damaging them in any way plus you won't have to bleed to death, have a stroke or heartache or even worse spent your whole day doing this. I am not sure what kind of setup you guys have but this is one Bad Bad Bad setup going off the ramp at 80mph is a piece of cake now the car feels like a rock and very predictable and responsive. I think I will take Autocrosser advice and install the the front higher rate springs in hopes of eliminating that irritating nose diving when braking hard.
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