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read a few posts that mention body bushing replacement as a really good mod and worth while. a few questions:

1. how difficult is this mod?
2. what bushings to use? material and so forth. where to get them?
3. do SS and 9C1 use same parts?

thanks in advance

brandon :confused:

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It's not a very hard mod to do (I haven't done it yet, just read about it). You don't need many tools either. A ratchet, couple extensions, some penitrating lube.
I don't think the car has to be off the ground to do this mod, but I bet it'd make life a bit easier.

One tip, when removing the bolts, be careful. When your unscrewing them, if they get hard to turn, run them back in a few turns, then come back out. Might save a stripped nut or broken bolt.

Get the bushsings for a 9C1, the SS is missing a few bushings that the 9C1's got.

You'll probably get a lot of opinions about what material. Some say use the OEM rubber ones. Some say use Polly. Personally I'll probably go with the stock rubber ones.
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