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the body (front left) of my 95 9c1 creaks like crazy. i did the complete body bushing replacement, no dice. looks like the control arm bushings.
anyone else experience this?


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my '95 9c1 front end creeped every time you hit a hole and even when driving through a not so smooth road.
Believe it or not it were the shocks.
The front end sagged a little and after they were replaced it brought up some lift and creeping was gone.
However I'd say that bushings would do it first. (upper + lower "A" frames)
good luck

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Me too...left front squeaks so bad even when I open the door the C/A bushing squeaks, any movement makes it scream.
I'm replacing them all with Del-a-lums. I hope they hold up, damn expensive they better.
If you plan on keeping it fairly stock and don't BEAT
the car like I do, then I'd go for the Moog HD replacements. I've had poly in the past and they squeak sooner.

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what about pst, performance suspension technology rebuild kit? the hi performance kits is lifetime waranteed? anyone use this kit... looks pretty comprehensive.

whatcha think?
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