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Finally got a junkyard bolt in wagon rear stabilizer bar! @ 13 years ago I was looking to improve the handling on my second '78 Olds 98 sedan, the first one got a bar I took off a '78 Buick Riviera, but I never saw another in a yard. Noticed a bar under a '75 Monte Carlo that looked about right, pulled it, and off to the Minot AFB hobby shop I went; up on the lift, line it up and bolt it in, sweet! With Monroe Gasmatics and dual exhausts it really tightened up the 403 car.(#2) #1 & #3 are 350Rs.

Now about 6 years ago I picked up the '79 Custom Cruiser, from Texas, no rust; I'm from Wisconsin, I know rust, and you'll notice I don't live there any more. @two years ago I was at a local rural 'yard as they were crushing and I noticed a '73 Pontiac Bonneville with a rear bar; Pontiac was noted in the mid '70s for "Radial Tuned Suspension" so they are a better chance of finding rear bars. Anyway, I bought the bar for $5, the owner even tipped the car over so I could get to the bolts more easily. Now yesterday I noticed that the '91 Space Cruiser had the bar mounting holes in the rear lower control arms and I knew from checking a Monte bar under the '79 that it was too narrow, so I thought....let's try the '71-6 GM fullsize bar under the '91 fullsize wagon....Bingo! Eureka and Haling of luja's, it worked. :D Between the new Sensatrac front shocks, the replaced broken right front bar end link and the rear bar, we're running a nice tight ship here folks! And now, it's Iola road trip time!

Stu Lenzke

Now I need two more, for the '72 Delta 88 sedan and the '79 wagon!

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I'll post a pic of your Pontiac bar, but there were two thicknesses, & mine is the fatter one.

You could get one from a '75 or '76 Caprice as well, I think they all had them.

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No, that is under the Pontiac in my sig, & Rocket8 says it fits our wagons. Any B-body from '71-76 might have the bar, but best chance will be '74-76 GrandVille/Bonneville & '74-76 Caprice.

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Sad to say, Stu's (Rocket 8) experience was not repeated in my case.

A 76 Caprice rear swaybar is exactly the right width, but it does not fit our 96 RMW. A friend who is into restoring 76 Caprice convertibles and coupes gave me a swaybar off one of the chassis he had sitting around.

The first photo shows the 76 Caprice bar installed. Everything alings perfectly on the LCAs but the bar is tight against the diff. By hanging 200# (me) from the bar, it will drop about 3/8" below the diff.

Butting hard against the diff may not matter, so set the bar up such that it was in position 1/4" below the diff.

As you can see in the second photo, it requires a 3/4" drop below the bottom of the LCA on both sides to achieve that.

There may be a difference between Chev and Pontiac 76 swaybars, but Reconditioner's photo does not support that.

GM may have kept the rear track of the 1971-76 B-bodies for wagons when it narrowed the sedans, but there must have been some other changes to the geometry of the rear end otherwise the 76 bar would have fitted.


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What about a plate between the bar & LCA?

Will the bar contacting the pumpin make a difference in its functionality? Will it wear at the contact spot?

Rocket 8, does your bar hit??? Pics PLEASE!!!

This could be an excellent find!!!

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Bill, you asked:

> Will the bar contacting the pumpin make a difference in its functionality?

I doubt it, though it would put the bar under constant stress, but have no idea how much that matters. I'd expect that under some conditions there will be chattering or worse from the bar making and breaking contact.

> Will it wear at the contact spot?

With the low miles I do every year, I can't see that being a big probem.

> What about a plate between the bar & LCA?

A 3/4" thick mounting plate would cause a lot of strain on the swaybar bolts. Rectangular extrusions/adapters which fit inside the LCA would be ideal as they could be bolted into place to strengthen the LCA and as well as lower the mounting locations by 3/4". An extrusion that ran the length of the LCA would reinforce the whole arm rather than just the mounting area.

The 76 bar is 15/16" so it is not going to put anything like the strain that aftermarket swaybars do on the LCAs. My hopes were for a simple, low end, factory-like mod that did not unduly stress the LCAs. However, if an LCA adapter is needed, might as well go for strengthening as well.

In Rob Harper describes the adapters (at he made to use a sedan swaybar on a wagon and made them deeper in order to fit under the shock mounts. Unfortunately, I don't have the welder or the skill to build something for this situation.

A 72 A-body bar put in front of the 76 B-body shows a big difference in shape. Both have their mounts flat on the lift.

The B-body angles up much higher before dipping down towards the center. The difference between them is 1 3/4" at the center point. The A-body style would clear the diff with no problems whatsoever (if it were wide enough).


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You say 72 "A" body bar.
Do you possibly mean 73-77 "A" body ?
64-72 was side bolt without the extra bends to clear the shocks as they mounted behind the axle.
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