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If they're stock manifolds, the flange studs are just gonna snap.
Not always true. I have taken them off many times on my DCM Roadmaster. An impact does wonders, because it gives the studs a repeated shock, which helps break them loose. If you just stick a rachet on there, put a pipe on it, and crank down.. then ya, you are more likely to snap them.

I got all 6 studs out of the manifolds on my Gold Caprice, last year, as well. But both of these cars lived most of there lives in Florida. My Michigan based cars... I snapped 3 of 6 on the Red RMS, and have not even bothered spliting them on my other Michigan cars. I normally take the manifolds & cats as an assemble out the bottom. On the red Buick, I had soaked them with PB blaster for a week, and drove the car around for about an hour before I tried taking them off. Still snapped 3 of 6 with the impact starting on a light setting.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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