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I've been trying to find the best combination of friction surfaces to use on my wagon. I have a 95 SEO 1A2 wagon with the HD (wide)calipers upfront. This is the "9C1" of wagons, and unfortunately wagons never got rear disc brakes. The rear has 11" drums.
Does anyone have experience with the best braking combination for replacing the front pads and rear shoes?

Front Pads:
My local Auto Zone only listed Performance Friction # 0504 for the front. These were the same as listed for the ImpalaSS, I know they will fit, but I was hoping to find the thicker variety for the wider caliper. Also this number seems to be different from another I saw listed (but can't find).
There was a z-rated listed at Auto Zone but I'm quite sure this is not what I want.

Rear shoes-
Any advice for the best friction surface here?
Any part numbers?

Rich A 95 1A2 SEO Wagon
Austin, TX
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