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Honestly, if that's all you did it just sounds like you need to bleed the system. Be sure to check for wet spots on any of the lines for possible leaks. New hoses would also be a good idea if yours have a lot of time on them. Also be sure the correct calipers are on each side of the rear. There was a recent thread where someone had these reversed which put the bleeders in the wrong direction to properly bleed the system. The bleeder need to be at the high side in order to ge the air out.

May not be a bad idea to pick up a quart or 2 of fluid, flush out the old fluid and then bleed RR, LR, RF and LF calipers. When I do this, I like to take a lint free cloth and let the Resevoir get just low enuff that I can wipe out the insides of the Resevoir and get the black crud out before adding clean fresh fluid. Then just gravity bleed until clean fluid comes out and I then vacuum bleed each circuit just because I have mightvac tool. Speed bleeders are also a nice convienience to add to the calipers.
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