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will this work with a ss? i mean same color and location of wires?
To be completly honest, I have no idea. You could ask someone over there, they might know. It worked great on my caprice though.

This is quoted from the forum
"Did this mod a long time ago, worked out great.

Decided to do these switches for some members in my club, they love them!

But I have found out that 1996 brake switch is slightly different than the one 1995's. On the 1995, it's just the two green wires, in 1996, there are 4 wires. The Impala SS has a purple wire, a green wire, and two pink wires. For those who are considering this mod, on the brake switch, tap into the green wire and the LAST pink wire next to the green wire. Trial and error can also help, but it can be done on a '96 too.

I have also found that on 1995 and 1996, if you do this mod, the factory brake interlock system for the shifter will remain functional. I am not sure about the 1994's though. I'll see if I can find out soon."
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