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I JUST got back from chevy dealer

i got a set of the zq-8 bump stops for my 96" impala

gonna put in when i get home

anything i should know about installing

or simply screw old out screw new in

i noticed a nipple on the bottom any significance

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Install is straightforward. Just like you mentioned, remove the nut off the old bumpstop (a lil WD40 or other pentrating lube will make that easier). You'll notice your stock bumpstop has the same nipple on the bottom as the ZQ8 does. That nipple fits into a hole in the control arm to prevent the bumpstop from rotating while you're tightening the nut.

Some people have trimmed the stop down a bit (especially on lowered cars) after install. I personally didn't trim mine, even though the frame is resting on the bumpstop all the time. These stops were designed more as a "helper spring" than a bumpstop anyhow. If you look at the suspension of an S10 Xtreme, you'll see that the frame is on the stops all the time FROM THE FACTORY.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the fast response

my car is so so so low

so my money bets, it will rest like a babies bottom rests in a diaper

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put mine in

took about 9 minutes

what a differance

front rests on the bump stops and boy does it feel sweet

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