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local pick up only stuff first sorry cant ship these couple things
Clean set of SS seats factory removed from one of my 96 cars to do custom interior left these stock beautiful no rips, tears, scratches
1500.00 include the power tracks and plastic trims and bolts

set of 96 pistons and rods very heavy I cant lift these the seats or heads due to disability so

cast iron heads 67k 150 set
piston and rods 100

Stuff I will Ship
beautiful battery tray painted with por 15 gloss black with the upper and lower bolt and washer

grill emblems blue red silver

ac heat knobs multiple pairs

hood trunk light assembly and lights

fbody TB cover

AC compressor was perfect when pulled motor I replaced everything except some bolts that ARP didn't make 50

3 LT1 Throttle Bodies 50 shipped
2 F Body throttle body covers with brackets and hardware 43 shipped

air intake system 3 home plates 2 first base 2 brackets 3 elbows
10 IAT sensors

2 intakes 80 shipped eachs

EGR valve and solenoid both have 2800 miles removed and deleted no emissions here 55 shipped

oil tube and dip sticks

tranny tube and dipstick

2 sets of lt1 valve covers

timing cover this is the 95 style

IAC center
TPS sensors
oil pressure sensor
water temp sensors both the head and the one in the water pump

rear end cover

starter like new used 5 times and someone hooked me up with the vette mini starter on here

AC drain pan elbow with extended hose make sure you wont get a puddle in your pass floor

vac hose for brake booster

impala leaping deer emblems 16 pairs

rear trunk emblem sparkling red will need paint not a factory color 20

front grill emblem
blue, red chrome

pair of door locks with key 13

lower black driver side door molding front and rear also the small moldings along the bottom exterior too

95 console black upper part is faded

one jacks
5 jack handles
10 tire hook and retainer nuts
front door handle and rear plate

3 driver front arm rest

all have varous thing wrong with the clips underneath he said
text for more info
2 grey
1 gloss black

all dash vents box full of various ones

full grey ashtray assembly with rails
black sem ashtray assembly

grey headrest material pair

aux post BRASS replace if your is not brass fire hazard

aux fuse black casing ( the box no fuses)?

rear frame mount muffler hanger pair excellent shape no rubber

ALL door hinges for the car black in color one or 2 he said were sold

drive top rail weather stripping

impala grill side braces the triangular ones and hardware

2 driver side air dams

PCM top cover

AC HEAT knobs
3 sets

Impala door lights front pairs

RM rear door lights

clear and impala style lens available

MAP lights
tag light assembly
dome light assembly and lenses

ac control light harness

ash tray
ashtray change tray
ashtray light harness

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sorry will have my wife or brother do it tonight they typed and showed me the parts hacve2 more bins
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