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C6 GrandSport Brakes install

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Figured I would throw up another thread for what I am getting into within the next few weeks.

I guess the car really didn't need brakes, then I got some killer deals on somethings and figured, oh well I guess I better just do it.

After talking with Tobin at Kore 3, great guy by the way, about the brake setup and I was going to modify to make work on my car, I decided to start hunting for a set of C6 Vette 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears for calipers, 14 inch rotors in the front with 13.4 inch rotors for the rear.

No I was able to get a complete caliper set off a wrecked 2010 grandsport (same calipers as the Z06 silver instead of red) for pretty cheap and very low miles.

So I picked these up and began hunting down parts to see how cheap I could get away with doing this.

Here is a pic of the calipers.

I looked for sourcing of the rotors and I was going to go with Kore3, but I found a set of rotors for less than 1/2 the price of the rotors from Kore 3, no the machining for the 5 on 5 bolt pattern isn't done as well as the center bore needs to be opened up, but I have a local cnc shop that can handle that for me.

Here are the rotors that I got for the install, not GM but who cares really, as long as they work well, which they should. Hell he boxes with the rotors showed up today, the boxes with all four rotors was like 110 pounds total. I will shoot a comparison picture, old to new tonight when I go out and tinker a little bit with it. They are big, that is for sure.

I am going to have to figure out the parking brake setup as I am not going to pay 800 bucks alone for that setup, I am sure that I can figure that out.

So hopefully I can get this done rather quickly and not so costly, I think that I have most the parts, there are couple of things that I will get from Kore3, but I am truly on the fence about the hubs from them, not that they aren't great, I may just make my own from an old set of brakes, not sure yet.

Stay tuned.....
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Looks like a fun weekend project. Keep us posted, Good luck!
Yeah weekend project sure. Not with a 14 month old and a 60 hour a week job :)
Mike you doing to much!! Slow down So I can catch up.
Piss off Bob LOL just kidding man, let's see if I can pull all this off, :) Oh as far as I am concerned you are a step a head of me :)
there are couple of things that I will get from Kore3, but I am truly on the fence about the hubs from them, not that they aren't great, I may just make my own from an old set of brakes, not sure yet.
from what I remember of the precrash stuff, somebody tried to make hubs by machining off the rotors or at least measured them and something about there not being enough material left afterwards.
Yeah they get pretty thin, I have been told the trick to them, I was told that TCE machines the rotors off of the hubs for his kits. IT is doable you just have to know how to do it :)

I would like to get the ones Tobin sells, but the price tag is kindof a deal breaker, I will try to machine a rotor and see what happens, worst case I have to get them from Tobin :)

Since the GS brakes will require an 18" wheel, minimum, the next question is why not go with a 4.75 stud pattern all the way from the hub in front? It would save the machine work on the rotors, so you could use either the KORE3 hub and specify the smaller pattern and whatever hub pilot diameter you want OR create a hub using 88-92 1LE Camaro rotors, since you'll be using an adapter of some sort anyway (high offset wheels). The rear is probably simpler to stay with 5x5 and with the really deep adapter, the larger pattern is preferred, IMO, even though you're converting it down to 4.75 for mounting the wheels. You can cut a step on the back of the 1LE rotor for the tone ring to mount as on the stock hub.

You should contact Jason Hurst (don't remember his screen name) or JaySS if you haven't already, regarding front hub options other than KORE3. Todd (TCE) will also supply just his hubs, I think.

I will say that the KORE3 hub, being "turnkey", is still worthy of consideration--even at it's current price. With the C6 rotors, you end up turning down the OD of the hub so much that I am not that crazy about using them as 5x5 when 4.75 is an option--gives you more margin to the hub OD to ensure there are no cracking or breakout issues if the casting has any voids in the are between the stud hole and OD.

A few threads and posts you may have seen.....

By the way, what is the rotor source--if you don't mind?
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Hey Bill,

Yeah I really have contemplated just that, keeping it at 4.75 bolt pattern in the front and that is most likely the road that I am going to go down, I started thinking about it more again when I was out in my shop dicking around with it. If I could find aset of used ready to be trashed 1LE rotors I would do just as you stated and Jay and I had talked about that. But looking at the cost of the 1LE rotors I would just be better off going with Tobin's hubs as those rotors are damn expensive, at 125 or so a pop.
I have chatted with Todd as well. Not really bad in pricing, but again if I was going to outlay that cost, I might as well go with Tobin's stuff again.

Rotor source is a place called Brakemotive, he is over on the vette forums here Brakemotive, he mainly does sales on Ebay, but I couldn't beat it really, he beat the price that he had listed in the link above, by 15 bucks and I got the rotors the next day. Great service.

Yeah Jay and myself have been chatting back and forth through pm about this to extent.
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More pics...
New 5/8's spindles, to cut up :)

The line up of what is going on, not cleaned up yet but you get the idea

Here is kindof a comparison pic, but not really I will have to shoot one when the original is off the car.


I forgot to take a pic of the rears, same concept
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Looks GREAT! I hope you can pull it off for a better price, I would love to do it on my Impala, but can't afford the normal high prices for the other "kits". Good luck - Lance
Thanks man, IT is all about the parts hunt to be honest. I won't have much really into the entire setup, but I traded some parts I had and stuff like that. Let alone selling some things as well.
Damn Mike! You a busy man lately. Keep up all the good work man. Your ride is coming along nicely.
Thanks man, always something to do around here on it. :)
soon as your done I will be buying these off ya lol
While your rotors are at the machine shop, get the rears clearanced for the larger B-body axle flange.

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thanks Dave, I had seen that they were going to need that, so did they just spot face the back of the hat assembly, I hadn't looked at the back of my rotors too closely to see, but that is what I would think.
The C5/C6 rear rotors are cut to mate/fit the 4.75 axle flange. The B-body 5x5 flange is larger in diameter--don't know the difference, but Dave looks to have used 6.625".

Thumbnails show:

1. a DBA 12" C5 rear rotor, which has a completely flat inside surface, no machining was required to clear the larger 5x5 axle flange

2. an OE Z51 C6 rear rotor, before machining out the step to clear the larger flange and fit flush to the flange surface


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Thanks Bill, I talked with my CNC guy this morning and I am going to drop off all the rotors to him Wednesday, he is going to open up the center bore to the B Body spec, and machine the back face of the rears and I have the lip similar to the Z51 rotors above.

Also I talked with Tobin via email in regards to a few questions on his hubs, he made a good point that he didn't know if I could use his hubs, due to having the Z06 wheels that the spacer may not be able to be hubcentric, or wheel centric rather.

Moving right along, I will figure something out. Still unsure which way to go. I really was leaning towards Tobins hubs, but not sure again.
Make sure the center bore is chamfered on the inside to clear the radius on the axle pilot.

Really curious what the source/country of origin of your rotors may be--do they show signs of balancing (edge milling)?

....he didn't know if I could use his hubs, due to having the Z06 wheels that the spacer may not be able to be hubcentric, or wheel centric rather.
Not sure I understand--how thick are the front adapters?
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