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C6 GrandSport Brakes install

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Figured I would throw up another thread for what I am getting into within the next few weeks.

I guess the car really didn't need brakes, then I got some killer deals on somethings and figured, oh well I guess I better just do it.

After talking with Tobin at Kore 3, great guy by the way, about the brake setup and I was going to modify to make work on my car, I decided to start hunting for a set of C6 Vette 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears for calipers, 14 inch rotors in the front with 13.4 inch rotors for the rear.

No I was able to get a complete caliper set off a wrecked 2010 grandsport (same calipers as the Z06 silver instead of red) for pretty cheap and very low miles.

So I picked these up and began hunting down parts to see how cheap I could get away with doing this.

Here is a pic of the calipers.

I looked for sourcing of the rotors and I was going to go with Kore3, but I found a set of rotors for less than 1/2 the price of the rotors from Kore 3, no the machining for the 5 on 5 bolt pattern isn't done as well as the center bore needs to be opened up, but I have a local cnc shop that can handle that for me.

Here are the rotors that I got for the install, not GM but who cares really, as long as they work well, which they should. Hell he boxes with the rotors showed up today, the boxes with all four rotors was like 110 pounds total. I will shoot a comparison picture, old to new tonight when I go out and tinker a little bit with it. They are big, that is for sure.

I am going to have to figure out the parking brake setup as I am not going to pay 800 bucks alone for that setup, I am sure that I can figure that out.

So hopefully I can get this done rather quickly and not so costly, I think that I have most the parts, there are couple of things that I will get from Kore3, but I am truly on the fence about the hubs from them, not that they aren't great, I may just make my own from an old set of brakes, not sure yet.

Stay tuned.....
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Matt- you are the second one that has asked this just today.

Reason, well there are a few, but I will try to explain as I have been back and forth in my mind on what to do.

  1. When I installed the T56 in my car close to 3 years ago now, on 94's the brain is under the dash and well it isn't the easiet thing to relocate under there. So I pulled it out and actually extended the wiring for it to try and use it again, and I did when I had the 3.08's
  2. When I put in the 4.10's I didn't really want to spend extra on the reluctor for keeping the system functioning.
  3. Since I am replacing the lines that takes one step out of the picture that has to be routed to and from
  4. the wheels and tires that I am running will throw the light anyway and it is going to be failed

As you can see by above I weighed each and every one and removing it came up winning. And actually after I disabled it the car stopped better anyway, not saying that disabling ABS on every car would do this. With it disabled I had been in rain and mashed on the brakes hard, on the SSBC rotors and pads that I had on it, and I NEVER locked it up, even standing on the brakes.

With the new binders, maybe, but that is yet to be determined you know. There is my theory anyway, makes sense to me why I would just get rid of it, it only a summer car for one thing, and I guess it can go against the resale of it, but at this point with the mods on the car, who cares, if I was ever to sell it and the deal fell through because of it not having ABS, I didn't need to sell it anyway :)
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Ah man no reason to feel bad, I got one side apart enough to do some mock up of the parts that I have to make for the parking brake assembly, I will get the other side dismantled soon, but I figured I would let the PB Blaster and Tranny fluid soak into loosen the rust a bit ;)

Yeah there are ways around the line lock thing, and I am sure that Matt will reply to that ;), it was more of a scenario the pros outweighed the cons. Worst case, if the car locks up the wheels all the time, then I will put it back in, but that is really doubtful that it will.
Yeah very true. Not that I would ever road race my car, but if I did there aren't many of those cars that have ABS on them. All in all I just want my POS to perform well, stop well and look alright doing it :)
Yeah brake and metering Pogo, but I am changing things up as the master cylinder that I am going to use has the proportioning valve and metering all build into it, so the only thing that I will be using from the original brakes per say is the vacuum booster, everything is going to be new.
Funny thing, looking at Tobin's (Kore3) fitment templates, this setup is shorter in overall radius than the C5 hybrid setup (C5 PBR Calipers, 355mm rotor) by .41 inches (8.33" C5 Hybrid vs. 7.92" C6 Z06 Setup). Only one way to tell if It'll clear stock wheels. Measure the inside radius of one or just throw one on there for giggles!!
I would but I sold them to fund part of this build :)
Too late to turn back now I ripped the ABS out last night :) I will post pics later just wanted to give an update, sorry for the delay on this, life is throwing some hurdles my way, I will get it done. :)
Yeah thanks. :) Still working, having a couple of family issues going on at the moment so it has been put on hold. I will update when I get further, sorry for the delay, just time is very limited right now and one of my dogs isn't doing so well. I will update soon, promise ;)
Yeah I know. I don't like to disappoint, but sh** happens I guess :) More pics coming soon, promise.
Ok the fronts are done and the master cylinder is mounted still working on the rears at present time, been fighting an aching shoulder so process has been slow for sure. Here are some phone pics for you.
Master cylinder


I should have the rear done in about a week or so, then fluid, bleeding and adapter order for my new wheels.
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That setup looks like it belongs on there. Great work! I hope to run something similar in the future.

Thanks man, I have heard great things about the MCPV1 master cylinder that I put on there, since I was removing the ABS anyway figure why not get rid of the propotioning valve as well, since it is internal to the MCPV1. I ran all new lines, hand made as there wasn't a kit available, all 3/16's.

I really like the color combo of the calipers on my car, it matches :) LOL

The rear is going to be I think on of the coolest parts, I am going to put the calipers on the front side instead of the rear, this will match how they are located on the vette's as well.

looks great Mike i havent even started on my master yet.Keep up the good work and be careful with that shoulder.
Thanks Paul, I have been ignoring the pain this long why not longer, I think that after physical therapy they did something as it hurts like hell all the time now. I have some stiff pain med's but I sure as hell can't take those when I am under a car. :) It it will come around, more MRI's next week sometime of my back to figure out what is going on.
If I tell you I would have to kill you :) Honestly, I have backing plates from about three or four different vehicles. I have a way and it is drawn up to make a 02 or something up S-10 blazer with rear disc, backing plates work, but I am running out of time to wait on my CNC guy to cut the parts, so I went down another road and I will fully document this. Tobin's rear parking brake kit is awesome, but I was trying to see if there was another way, i.e. cheaper. . :)
I have it all mocked up on my donor rear end I just have to finish up some welding and trimming and make sure it all works. FYI it will be using B-Body backing plates (modified of course) and Tobin's rear bracket kit. You can't really beat the price for it, 105 bucks and it is super beefy and ready to go and you don't have to dick around with it.

The problem with the parking brake assembly and trying to mock it up and make it work right is the fact that you have to be able to push the axle in enough to remove or install the C-Clip for the rear. Short of doing some custom C-Clip elim kit, I think that I figured out how to make it work right, using factory B-body parts and Tobins rear bracket kit as mentioned above. Also note I am relocating the calipers to the front position instead of the rear on the rotor.

I have been working on this as much as I can, been some long and painful nights, as my shoulder is holding me up, I had to notch/narrow the rear frame for the wheels and tires that I am going with, I just have to do some finish welding for that. Trying to get my car in a rolling state so that I can get it out of the garage as I have a T56 conversion coming in shortly and it will take up most of the shop.

I will update shortly with pictures, that is if it works, if not back to the drawing board. :)
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I appreciate it man, I think that there is more time finding the time to make it all work :) I ran across ALOT of people trying to figure out the rear parking brake issue with little to no success, some made it work others didn't. I came across using the S-10 backing plate idea from a GN forum, figured I would try it, it would work I have confidence in that, and the backing plate has the caliper mount and everything on it, you would have to put on an adapter bracket, but fairly simple.
Them I started thinking about it, got a hold of Tobin and chatted with him for a bit on the subject and asked about just getting the caliper brackets for the rear, he told me he sold them separately anyway, so it was no sweat.

I honestly think that I have more time in the narrowing/notching of my frame than the brake stuff.

I should be updating this shortly, stay tuned :)
Alright fellas here are some pics, I will post some more tomorrow when I get the chance, these are off my cell phone, they should be pretty good, but maybe not ;)

Here is the deal with the parking brake solution that I came up with. I figured out a way to make an 02 and up S-10 4WD backing plate assembly work, but I couldn't get the parts machined fast enough, so I dropped that idea for the time being.

So I decided to look at the original backing plates and see what I could come up with on them. So I ordered Kore3's rear caliper brackets for 105 bucks and it includes all the hardware, not a bad deal at all.

I modified the original backing plates, by grinding down the original caliper mounting points, flush with the face of where the plate meets the axle flange, on the drivers side you have to cut off the original parking brake cable support and make one, I am in the process of this right now, the passenger side I just had to grind down the bracket for the cable a little.

Oh forgot to mention with this I am repositioning the rear brakes to the front of the rotors as they are on a vette.

Here is a somewhat modified backing plate, I will take some better pictures later, but here is a precursor. here is the drivers side, the marks in sharpie are the points tha thave to be ground down for reliefs for the new caliper ears to fit into.

Here it is of the the caliper and rotor mounted on my tester rearend that I have

I made a spacer plate that is two pieces, you have to have it this way so that you can get the C-Clips installed on the axles, I didn't take any pictures of these but I will. The spacing is about 1/4 of an inch on either side, I think that I will have to shave a little off of it, but you get the idea, will post more later,

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Went out last night and did some more careful measuring and found the parking brake shoe and assembly too close for comfort to the back of the axle for me, so I changed the plate that I made to space the original parking brake backing plate from 1/4 inch to 3/16's and it is perfect now, not too close not to far away. I Will take more pics today sometime and break things down alittle better so I don't lose anyone. :) I also welded the bolts to the backing plate to ease installation and removal if necessary.

Here is the spacer plate that I was talking about.


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More pics for you. with no response to my posts I guess nobody cares :) Just kidding, here we go

Here is the passenger side backing plate, with the bolts welded in and all together ready to go in

Here is everything all bolted up to the rearend that is going in my car, You can see the 3/16's spacer plate that I made up last night, I guess I could of just made spacers, but all the load of the backing plate was going to be on the mounting bolts, I wanted it to have as much surface to sit on as possible as well as on the caliper bracket.

This is the drivers side

The two threaded holes that you see on the Kore3 bracket is where the plate and parking cable bracket are going.

Passenger side with new parking brake cable installed, no bracket needed on this side.

And ready to go in

Front view of the passenger side.
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Here is the bracket that I made to bolt to the bolt holes I referenced above on the drivers side for the parking brake cable mount, I cut off the original piece, made a plate, measured the distance that the bracket needed to be from the parking brake arm and welded it up, I have to shoot some paint on it yet, but this gives you an idea.

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I have to make up the lines for the rear end tonight sometime and route them on there, I am going to change the fitting location for the caliper from the back of the rear end to the front. I have a plane it should come out pretty slick. Then I am going to finish boxing in the frame tonight hopefully and get the rear back in. More to come soon.
Here are some more pics for you.

Here is the original brake line bracket, relocated to the front of the differential on the bump stop bracket.

I thought these would be some cool pics, with the wheels and tires on, the adapters aren't the right width, but you get the idea.

The new rear tires are pretty wide :) Just about 13 inches

That is all for now, I will post more when I get further along.
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awesome progress...

Thanks Show, I appreciate it.

lookes goode, have you ordered the por15 yet? ;)
Blow it out your ass Mr. Rust free LOL I should own stock in that company :)
Hey Mike looks great,hows the shoulder coming along.
Thanks and it is the same old sh** with the shoulder, I just grin and bare it that is all that I can do right now, pretty pissed at the doctors that won't call back or give me any ideas, I am already out 2K plus with all the exploratory sh** I have gone through, but they don't care about that. It is what it is, someone will figure it out. ;)
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