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C6 GrandSport Brakes install

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Figured I would throw up another thread for what I am getting into within the next few weeks.

I guess the car really didn't need brakes, then I got some killer deals on somethings and figured, oh well I guess I better just do it.

After talking with Tobin at Kore 3, great guy by the way, about the brake setup and I was going to modify to make work on my car, I decided to start hunting for a set of C6 Vette 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears for calipers, 14 inch rotors in the front with 13.4 inch rotors for the rear.

No I was able to get a complete caliper set off a wrecked 2010 grandsport (same calipers as the Z06 silver instead of red) for pretty cheap and very low miles.

So I picked these up and began hunting down parts to see how cheap I could get away with doing this.

Here is a pic of the calipers.

I looked for sourcing of the rotors and I was going to go with Kore3, but I found a set of rotors for less than 1/2 the price of the rotors from Kore 3, no the machining for the 5 on 5 bolt pattern isn't done as well as the center bore needs to be opened up, but I have a local cnc shop that can handle that for me.

Here are the rotors that I got for the install, not GM but who cares really, as long as they work well, which they should. Hell he boxes with the rotors showed up today, the boxes with all four rotors was like 110 pounds total. I will shoot a comparison picture, old to new tonight when I go out and tinker a little bit with it. They are big, that is for sure.

I am going to have to figure out the parking brake setup as I am not going to pay 800 bucks alone for that setup, I am sure that I can figure that out.

So hopefully I can get this done rather quickly and not so costly, I think that I have most the parts, there are couple of things that I will get from Kore3, but I am truly on the fence about the hubs from them, not that they aren't great, I may just make my own from an old set of brakes, not sure yet.

Stay tuned.....
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was wondering why you changed the bolt pattern on the corvette parts to match the caprice's.
I wasn't going to change the wheel lug pattern to 5 on 4.75 which is the Vette's even since I am running the vette wheels. Just in case I change my mind on rim selection I can go with something different and have a choice I guess :)
You better use that up :) Vacation that is, yeah the rust on my car sucks, but all I can do right now is sslap stuff on it to stop it or try at least.

Here is a pic of the rear in the car. and what it looks like with the caliper in the forward position.

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Looks awesome Mike... now center those rear wheels.
Thanks guys, yeah I will eventually, just not in the cards right now. really don't feel like needing a driveshaft and all that, should of done it when I first bought all the stuff but didn't think about it.
Nice.... I wonder how these compare to a Kore 3 or Bear brake setup...
It is a Kore3 setup in most regards, I just didn't get the calipers, rotors and parking brake assembly from him to give other options to people, if you are talking the C5 caliper upgrade that Tobin puts together it is about the same in most regards, I just pieced everything together on my own. Don't get me wrong Tobin is an awesome guy and honestly if I had the money I would I just ordered the full thing from him, but if you add it up in getting everything from him:
Rear kit with parking brake $1692.00
Front Kit with hubs $1528.00

Total: $3220.00

Now the way that I did it, and to be honest I don't think that it can be done this cheaply again, but you never know.

  • used 2010 Grandsport Calipers- $500.00 shipped with pads about 25 miles on them, well what I was told anyway
  • Kore 3 B-Body Hubs- $ 329.00 plus shipping
  • aftermarket cross drilled rotors- $250.00 shipped to my door
  • Kore 3 front brackets and hardware- $85.00
  • Kore 3 Rear Brackets and hardware- $105.00 plus shipping
  • Machine work on rotors- $20.00 (but I know my machinist and he owed me)
  • parking brake backing plates and shoes- $FREE (originals)
  • parking brake cables- $40.00 (not really needed, but I figured why not.)
  • all new brake lines and fittings- $100.00
  • MCPV-1 CPP master cylinder (USED) - $100.00
  • Total = $ 1529

As you can see I cut the number down quite a bit, I sold a bunch of stuff that I had and pretty much did this and the new wheels and tires for free ;)

I am thinking about making a run of kits if there is going to be interest, but I wouldn't want to take business from Tobin, he helped me out greatly in this. The biggest thing that I was trying to figure out and save cost on was the parking brake assembly. He makes one but it is pricey, but very well engineered.

I don't know let me know if there is interest in a production run and I will see what I can do to make it happen.
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Good question, thought about c-clip eliminators but couldn't figure out how to make them work. The axle float is there, it is very minimal. Talking .020 or less, pad knock back maybe present , but the only thing that it may require is a residual check valve to keep tension/fluid on the pistons or as it was told to me there maybe times that I would have to pump the brakes to get a full force stop. I have yet to drive the car yet, still buttoning things up, but I don't think that it is going to be that drastic as Tobin @ Kore3 would of mentioned this. The kit that he developed, which is essentially what I have with some things that I purchased separately and the use of the factory parking brake, doesn't eliminate the C-clip or anything like that. I guess I will just have to see what I come up with when I test drive it. With a fully adjustable proportioning valve in the new master cylinder, I am sure that I am going to have to tweak it a bit, but once dialed in it should be great.

I think that I saw a Baer kit or something where they add shims to the c clip to eliminate the float, maybe an option as well. I will have to post up my findings when I have them
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I think that Todd at TCE uses shims to minimize the float in his rear kits which utilize the fixed Wilwood calipers. His site mentions getting the float down to .006-.008".
Yeah now that you say that I think that is where I saw that at. I will just have to see what it comes out as and if there is a huge affect on it. Thanks for the info.
ok I was curious so I went out really quick and did a measurement with gauge and axle end play on my car is about .009, which isn't bad, I don't know why I thought it was more. I will have to see if I can get a shim kit somewhere, just in case they have them now and won't have them later
Thank you sir, hopefully dumping some brake fluid at it tonight to see if I have any leaks :)
Well dumping brake fluid did just that. The f'ing master cylinder I bought used it pissing out the back of it where the plunger is, I just sent an email to the ass hole I bought it from chewing him out, oh well I will order a brand new one this weekend and it will be here Tuesday, then bleeding some more. I think that I am going to inject the fluid into the now bone dry lines and calipers, at least I would think that it would make bleeding easier.
Another master cylinder is on order should be here Tuesday as I stated above, probably tomorrow sometime I am going to go out and get fluid in the system, probably just inject it in there and bleed it after I get the master cylinder in.
Thanks and yes Pogo is spot on :) And really I didn't reinvent the wheel with this installation, just went my own way about getting it done. Kore3 has made this kit for sometime now. well they have their own parking brake assembly, I made that portion or at least figured out an option for us anyway :)
Ok progress. After making all of the lines in my car I only had one fitting that was being a bastard and leaked a little bit, loosened it and tightened back done, I will have to go out and check it again today. Should be good though, system builds pressure nicely now after getting new master cylinder and pressure bleeding it. The CPP MCPV1 units, like I installed are notorious for being bastards to bleed, but what is cool with the MCPV it comes with a cap that is used for a remote reservior setup, so it has 1/8th inch fittings embossed into it, so I went to my local Lowes and made a pressure bleeder using this. Basically, purchased a 1 gallon garden sprayer, some 1/4 inch clear tubing, a pressure gauge and some fittings. For about 20 bucks I have a pressure bleeder for my set that works unbelievable. Pump it to about 10 psi, you shouldn't need anything over that and go to every bleeder and attach line to a bottle, crack bleed and fluid comes out, as easy as that. So much easier than anything else I have ever used. Plus the great benefit of this besides the cost is the fact the only thing that you have to do is make sure the pressure stay up a little, I think that I only pumped it up once, but I did inject fluid in to the lines and calipers to keep from having to bleed the system all that much more.

Anyway after all the bleeding, great pedal pressure in the air and all that, I will update further once I am able to drive it, that willl be sometime though. I have another large project coming in here shortly that is going to take up quite a bit of time.

I had purchased new parking brake cables from Mike @ hamilton and they are perfect, but when GM replaced the cables with some different number, they discontinued the equalizer (the place where you adjust the parking cable tension.) so I got a hold of Mr. Harper and he had a set, so I got the complete set from him. Guess what the parking brake works PERFECTLY :)

I will post up some pics here in a bit, I think that I am going to set it on the ground today sometime, just cause I want to see what the new rims are going to look like. :)
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Yeah we are two different guys, same first name, and user names are close as well. Sorry
Big brakes for big cars.

More pics plz! :)
Awesome work man!!
What other pictures would you like to see? Haven't driven the car yet, too much other stuff going on, was going to do more this weekend, but my dad decided to drop into town from South Carolina with no notice LOL. So that is on the back burner. Everything is in though, brakes are bled, may need one more bleed though. Remember I didn't reinvent the wheel on this install by any means, Kore3 built a kit and still does for that matter that you can buy tomorrow. I just did a little development on the rear aspect of the installation, to find another option for the parking brake and two move the calipers to the front of the axle as they are on a vette. :)

Here is a pretty good side shot of the car for you.
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Well figured I would update this. Everything is complete and getting ready for Nationals, in the alignment shop right now, brakes seem great still breaking them in, so dont know for sure yet, but crossing fingers all is good
Well not much to be honest, about the same, the brakes before on my car were ridiculously good. I had to space the new master cylinder away from the pintle in the vacuum booster about 1/4 of an inch. The damn thing was sitting too far in and it was causing a residual pressure issue in the system and the car could stop with out using the pedal. All is good now, well seems to be, haven't had the chance to ring it out much, but pedal feel is good, not too stiff but just right. Alignment fixed alot of sh** tracks right now, put the new spacers on for the wheels this afternoon and damn looks just how I want it. I will post pics sooner, probably on the way to Nat's or something Thursday.
I used the original backing plate and modified it to work with the new calipers and brackets, I made the shim that is needed for it to all work together.
Without looking through this whole thread, I am pretty sure I showed pics of what I did. The rear bracket you have to buy from Kore 3, the backing plate is factory, but modified as stated above. What part aren't you sure about working on your car?
WOW! just buzzed over this whole thread, great stuff.... Thanks

Did I understand correctly that this set up will fit inside a stock wheel ?
Thank you sir.

No it will not fit in a factory wheel, minimum 18 inch wheel is needed. I may have confused it a little as I am using a factory vette wheel ;)
No brackets you can get from you will have to call or email Tobin tell him what you are doing, the front brackets are located here. Front Bracket

I have a set in my shop that I can sell if you need them, they are brand new with hardware. You will need at least an 18 inch wheel to run these brakes, 17's won't cut it.

Look within here Front big brake kit

If you are piecing everything together like I did, you are going to need a hub, I recommend Kore3's obviously, as well as the rotor will have to be machined for a new bolt pattern and center bore. Most people find it easier to call Kore 3 lay down the credit card and have a complete kit shipped, I am hard headed I guess.
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