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C6 GrandSport Brakes install

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Figured I would throw up another thread for what I am getting into within the next few weeks.

I guess the car really didn't need brakes, then I got some killer deals on somethings and figured, oh well I guess I better just do it.

After talking with Tobin at Kore 3, great guy by the way, about the brake setup and I was going to modify to make work on my car, I decided to start hunting for a set of C6 Vette 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears for calipers, 14 inch rotors in the front with 13.4 inch rotors for the rear.

No I was able to get a complete caliper set off a wrecked 2010 grandsport (same calipers as the Z06 silver instead of red) for pretty cheap and very low miles.

So I picked these up and began hunting down parts to see how cheap I could get away with doing this.

Here is a pic of the calipers.

I looked for sourcing of the rotors and I was going to go with Kore3, but I found a set of rotors for less than 1/2 the price of the rotors from Kore 3, no the machining for the 5 on 5 bolt pattern isn't done as well as the center bore needs to be opened up, but I have a local cnc shop that can handle that for me.

Here are the rotors that I got for the install, not GM but who cares really, as long as they work well, which they should. Hell he boxes with the rotors showed up today, the boxes with all four rotors was like 110 pounds total. I will shoot a comparison picture, old to new tonight when I go out and tinker a little bit with it. They are big, that is for sure.

I am going to have to figure out the parking brake setup as I am not going to pay 800 bucks alone for that setup, I am sure that I can figure that out.

So hopefully I can get this done rather quickly and not so costly, I think that I have most the parts, there are couple of things that I will get from Kore3, but I am truly on the fence about the hubs from them, not that they aren't great, I may just make my own from an old set of brakes, not sure yet.

Stay tuned.....
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Went out last night and did some more careful measuring and found the parking brake shoe and assembly too close for comfort to the back of the axle for me, so I changed the plate that I made to space the original parking brake backing plate from 1/4 inch to 3/16's and it is perfect now, not too close not to far away. I Will take more pics today sometime and break things down alittle better so I don't lose anyone. :) I also welded the bolts to the backing plate to ease installation and removal if necessary.

Here is the spacer plate that I was talking about.


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More pics for you. with no response to my posts I guess nobody cares :) Just kidding, here we go

Here is the passenger side backing plate, with the bolts welded in and all together ready to go in

Here is everything all bolted up to the rearend that is going in my car, You can see the 3/16's spacer plate that I made up last night, I guess I could of just made spacers, but all the load of the backing plate was going to be on the mounting bolts, I wanted it to have as much surface to sit on as possible as well as on the caliper bracket.

This is the drivers side

The two threaded holes that you see on the Kore3 bracket is where the plate and parking cable bracket are going.

Passenger side with new parking brake cable installed, no bracket needed on this side.

And ready to go in

Front view of the passenger side.
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Here is the bracket that I made to bolt to the bolt holes I referenced above on the drivers side for the parking brake cable mount, I cut off the original piece, made a plate, measured the distance that the bracket needed to be from the parking brake arm and welded it up, I have to shoot some paint on it yet, but this gives you an idea.

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I have to make up the lines for the rear end tonight sometime and route them on there, I am going to change the fitting location for the caliper from the back of the rear end to the front. I have a plane it should come out pretty slick. Then I am going to finish boxing in the frame tonight hopefully and get the rear back in. More to come soon.
Here are some more pics for you.

Here is the original brake line bracket, relocated to the front of the differential on the bump stop bracket.

I thought these would be some cool pics, with the wheels and tires on, the adapters aren't the right width, but you get the idea.

The new rear tires are pretty wide :) Just about 13 inches

That is all for now, I will post more when I get further along.
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awesome progress...
lookes goode, have you ordered the por15 yet? ;)
awesome progress...

Thanks Show, I appreciate it.

lookes goode, have you ordered the por15 yet? ;)
Blow it out your ass Mr. Rust free LOL I should own stock in that company :)
Hey Mike looks great,hows the shoulder coming along.
Hey Mike looks great,hows the shoulder coming along.
Thanks and it is the same old sh** with the shoulder, I just grin and bare it that is all that I can do right now, pretty pissed at the doctors that won't call back or give me any ideas, I am already out 2K plus with all the exploratory sh** I have gone through, but they don't care about that. It is what it is, someone will figure it out. ;)
well keep it up on the car looks awesome.
was wondering why you changed the bolt pattern on the corvette parts to match the caprice's.
was wondering why you changed the bolt pattern on the corvette parts to match the caprice's.
I wasn't going to change the wheel lug pattern to 5 on 4.75 which is the Vette's even since I am running the vette wheels. Just in case I change my mind on rim selection I can go with something different and have a choice I guess :)
Blow it out your ass Mr. Rust free LOL I should own stock in that company :)
haha, I ordered a case of it a few months ago.
I wanna drop the rear axle and make it look decent not to mention the panhard project feasibility study.

I just realized I have a vacation week later next month too cwm3
You better use that up :) Vacation that is, yeah the rust on my car sucks, but all I can do right now is sslap stuff on it to stop it or try at least.

Here is a pic of the rear in the car. and what it looks like with the caliper in the forward position.

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Looks awesome Mike... now center those rear wheels.
Looks awesome Mike... now center those rear wheels.
Thanks guys, yeah I will eventually, just not in the cards right now. really don't feel like needing a driveshaft and all that, should of done it when I first bought all the stuff but didn't think about it.
Nice.... I wonder how these compare to a Kore 3 or Bear brake setup...
Nice.... I wonder how these compare to a Kore 3 or Bear brake setup...
It is a Kore3 setup in most regards, I just didn't get the calipers, rotors and parking brake assembly from him to give other options to people, if you are talking the C5 caliper upgrade that Tobin puts together it is about the same in most regards, I just pieced everything together on my own. Don't get me wrong Tobin is an awesome guy and honestly if I had the money I would I just ordered the full thing from him, but if you add it up in getting everything from him:
Rear kit with parking brake $1692.00
Front Kit with hubs $1528.00

Total: $3220.00

Now the way that I did it, and to be honest I don't think that it can be done this cheaply again, but you never know.

  • used 2010 Grandsport Calipers- $500.00 shipped with pads about 25 miles on them, well what I was told anyway
  • Kore 3 B-Body Hubs- $ 329.00 plus shipping
  • aftermarket cross drilled rotors- $250.00 shipped to my door
  • Kore 3 front brackets and hardware- $85.00
  • Kore 3 Rear Brackets and hardware- $105.00 plus shipping
  • Machine work on rotors- $20.00 (but I know my machinist and he owed me)
  • parking brake backing plates and shoes- $FREE (originals)
  • parking brake cables- $40.00 (not really needed, but I figured why not.)
  • all new brake lines and fittings- $100.00
  • MCPV-1 CPP master cylinder (USED) - $100.00
  • Total = $ 1529

As you can see I cut the number down quite a bit, I sold a bunch of stuff that I had and pretty much did this and the new wheels and tires for free ;)

I am thinking about making a run of kits if there is going to be interest, but I wouldn't want to take business from Tobin, he helped me out greatly in this. The biggest thing that I was trying to figure out and save cost on was the parking brake assembly. He makes one but it is pricey, but very well engineered.

I don't know let me know if there is interest in a production run and I will see what I can do to make it happen.
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