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i recently posted that i was parting out a 96' fleetwood brougham triple black with only 68k miles which had a really bad side impact. here are the parts that are off the car and ready to ship with shipped prices to the lower 48 states.Make an offer it wont hurt.

if you need something which is not listed let me know as i might have it.

1.Fleetwood door panel wood grain plastic pieces 2 per door 8 in total for all four doors $50 shipped (4 door pulls,2 door lock bezels with speaker tweeters and 2 regular door lock bezels w/o speakers for rear door panels)
3.Headliner Roof Door pull handles with map lights Black in color (i call these the oh sh!t handles) $40 shipped MINT with elec plug as well
4.Top Dash center vent with both sensors and plugs Black in color $25 shipped
5.Sunglasses Holder in BLACK works great goes on interior into the headliner $30 shipped
7.Headlight Switch with Twilight Sentinenial $30 shipped
10.Stereo Surround Bezel no broken clips in great condition BEIGE in color $50 shipped
12.Stereo Factory Amplifier $25 shipped
14.Fleetwood Ashtray assembley $35 shipped BLACK in color
15.Fleetwood pass side glove compartment $35 shipped working latch BLACK in color
16.Plastic underdash covers both for $30 shipped
17.Factory Tire Jack with Foam Cover $30 shipped never used
18.Fleetwood Rear trunk weatherstrip seal $25 shipped
19.Fleetwood Hood pull cable and latch complete $40 shipped
20.(4) Inner window door trim Black in color with all clips in good condition and none broken $40 shipped for all 4
21.Front windshield cowl hood plastic $50 shipped
22.Inner door panel sound insulation for all 4 doors $25 shipped
23.Driver and pass side window and seat switches $40 shipped for both
24.Rear Trunk motor to close truck automatically with plug and trunk popper motor $50 shipped
25.Rear Fleetwood electric antenna in great working order with antenna cable and all $60 shipped great condition
26.Complete Steering coloumn with key no steering wheel BLACK in color out of a 68k mile fleetwood $200 shipped its heavy.
27.Fleetwood Woodgrain guage cluster bezel $25 shipped
28.Spare Tire cloth cover 2 available $30 shipped
30.IMPALA SS GREY ashtray assembly $40 shipped complete.

3.Fleetwood Grill 68k miles mint in great condition $80 shipped
4.Fleetwood Hood Original black color no dents or dings in great shape and has hood insulation come pick it up for $100 no shipping to heavy
5.Pass side Wheel Skirt in good condition good latches $40 shipped
6.Fleetwood Trunk Lid Black in color original black paint with emblems still on it no dents or dings $60 no shipping to heavy
10.Fleetwood Driver side headlamp with braket with bulbs assembley $85 shipped
11.Fleetwood Pass side headlamp no bracket just headlamp with bulbs $65 shipped
12.Front Top bumper plastic moulding with chrome pieces on it still needs to be repainted is black in color $85 shipped
13.Fleetwood Rear Taillamp housings driver and pass with lens chrome trim and all elec plugs and bulbs $90 shipped for each one or $120 for both sides shipped.
15.Fleetwood Bro. (4) center caps in good condition $25 shipped for all 4.
16.Fleetwood Driver side fender 2 lower chrome fender mouldings $35 shipped
17.Front and rear liscense plate holders $30 shipped
19.Fleetwood Rear 1/4 panel red lamp lenses that go on the body of the car $25 shipped for both.


1.Fleetwood OBD2 pcm stock $55 shipped
2.Fleetwood 96 Engine harness complete with no cut plugs complete with no problems $85 shipped only has 68k miles
6.Cruise and traction control assemblies from underthe hood with all cables needed $50 shipped for all
7.LT1 Stock Radiator no oil cooling and not HD cooling $80 shipped
8.Both Electrical fan setup awesome shape only 2 months old with harness that goes in between both fans and comes with brackets one of the fans has the larger HD fan motor $85 shipped
9.LT1 Top Radiator Fan shroud $30 shipped
11.LT1 Heater hose assemblet from water pump and overflow tank, with TEE which goes to firewall to heater core $25 shipped
12.Fleetwood Rear Axle Shafts with ABS rings in good condition $75 shipped EACH
15.External LT1 transmission cooler with tubes $35 shipped
17.9c1 Green coolant silicone hoses $25 shipped
18.LT1 stock used water pump $25 shipped

all prices can be negotiated to a certain extent as i am adding shipping to everything except the larger items.

i accept paypal and let me know if any parts you might need that you dont see on the list.

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Any Chance you have a Blower Control Module?

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Fs:comp Cams 07-304-8 Cam

this is a used 304 comp cam it only has about 10k miles on it, in very good condition with no visual or physical wear marks.

210/220 .510 max lift with a 1.5 rocker great street cam and will work well with stock heads,convertor and gears.

heres more info on the cam itself

asking $160 shipped

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hey bob i attached shipping and tracking info to paypal transaction sorry for the inconvienence i had some personal issues come up.

does anyone else need any more parts?

nick i will try to get you some pics from my phone and rick SS i have your shipping info as well.

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hey bob i attached shipping and tracking info to paypal transaction sorry for the inconvienence i had some personal issues come up.

does anyone else need any more parts?
Dude you were on here still posting and you did not respond until I got paypal involved, so it does not sound like a very good excuse.And you only shipped it out today at 8:25 PM after you said you had already shipped it out!!
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