Selling a Cahall Performance Transmission Ultra Pro Race (LSx casing) with approximately 25 miles on it since refresh (less than 500 miles on it total) along with a Pro Torque Street Muscle converter.

The trans itself would cost you over $4000 to build new.

It has everything you need for a 700+WHP LS swap.

The converter is a Pro Torque Street Muscle converter, 3200 stall which is rated a bit less than what the trans is capable of (550hp IIRC).

The story behind the trans is I had it in my 96 SS for a short period of time with the converter not locking due to an ECU issue (didn't realize it was an ECU issue at the time). I pulled the trans and sent it back to Gail Cahall who refreshed it, checked everything out, made a few upgrades and gave it a clean bill of health and also cut and cleaned the converter. I put it back in the car, drove for about 25 miles and the converter still didn't lock, at which point I pulled it and installed a Performabilt trans I had gotten on short notice so I could make a race day I had scheduled. When I installed the Performabilt trans, the converter still didn't lock and that's when I began re-checking the wiring/ECU/tune. I found out it was an ECU pinout issue and not the trans.

The converter was ordered mistakenly by Cahall (was supposed to be a Pro Drive but ended up being a Street Muscle when I picked it up from Pro Torque, they used to be local to me) and was not correct for my application (not rated for the power my car is making) but it never saw any WOT use anyway in the time it was in the car.

The only issue that worried me a little is there seemed to be some clutch material in the pan when I pulled it. I don't know how much clutch material is normal during break in for these particular clutches, but i can send a video of the pan when I pulled it and you can see for yourself.

Cahall will refresh the trans for a $500 labor free. I really can't see it needing it since it came fresh from them and I only put about 25 miles on it, but just in case the clutch material worries you, for the $500 cost this setup would still be less than half the cost of new.

Receipts below. They are a little confusing as I originally bought the trans as a Pro Race in an LT1 case but never used it, and had frank convert it over to an ultra pro race in an LS case for my LS swap.

Please text or call me at 631 31 2 46 13