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If you have been to a drag strip or timed your car's acceleration using an accelerometer (like G-tec Pro), please fill out the info below and email it to me
[email protected] and/or add it to (You must be a member to add to that list.)

Owner's name :
Driver's name :
Your email address :
Type of vehicle :
Year model :
Engine name & displacement :
Mileage at the time :
Track name (or G-Tech Pro):
Date of the run :
Track conditions :

60 foot =
1/8 = xx.xx @
1/4 = xx.xx @

Engine info:



We are compiling as much information as we can on this to add to Karl Ellwein has agreed give us a page just for TBI powered B-bodies and if there is enough interest, any other General Motors TBI powered vehicle as well.

You need to tell every itty bitty detail. The page is for learning and not really for bragging. (although the quest for the fastest is a good motivator of mods). List all the mods that you can think of and list your driving style and technique and weather conditions and launch style, etc.

If you have any questions, email me directly at [email protected] or ask the GM_TBI list.

Thank you!
Cheston Phillips
GM_TBI list owner
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